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Oregon Ducks Could Receive Notice Of Allegations From NCAA This Season

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For any of you who care, the Oregon Ducks could have a distraction hanging over their head all season . Oregon could learn more about their fate regarding the Willie Lyles investigation. Bryan Fischer of CBS Sports and Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports have more.

This notice of allegations has been over five months in the making, and it could be another serious period of time before it goes up on the board. Oregon had some reports back in late February that indicated potential punishments where they broke NCAA rules with regards to scouting services utilized and exceeding number of coaches used to recruit a player.

The thing about this case is that no one knows exactly what Oregon will end up being cited for by the NCAA because the case is so unique. They are in such a grey area of the sport where they probably did something that was a bit improper, but it wasn't technically illegal conduct according to current NCAA bylaws.

One thing that works in favor of Oregon is that their Athletic Department has been fortright since the beginning (as they say, "it's the cover-up that kills you"). But it has to be a big concern that Oregon is already under a cloud of suspicion for violations anyway.

The notice of allegations would only the first step in the investigation. Oregon will then be given the chance to respond to the allegations and possibly self-impose penalties on their team in hopes that the NCAA will be satisfied and not dispatch its own brand of arbitrary justice to the proceedings.

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