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Washington State Football: Mike Leach Brings The Airraid

This week we've been posting a series of videos Dan Rubenstein and SB Nation produced from Pac-12 Media Days. Next video of the day comes courtesy of an interview Rubenstein did with Mike Leach of Washington State (Previous posts: Jim Mora, UCLA and Keenan Allen, Cal).

The Washington State Cougars. You don't know what they could do this season. They could be really good. They could also not be really good. Nothing would really surprise you regarding their status in 2012, as there's a lot of issues in flux between a potentially exciting offense and a possibly moribund defense.

What would be surprising is Mike Leach not making WSU football one of the most exciting watches of the season. When he was at Texas Tech and they were clicking right, the Red Raiders tended to be a team that was capable of beating any team. That upset potential will be huge with the Cougars, a team that has a decent chance to rise and be a very respectable squad this season.

There's a lot Leach knows he has to rebuild in Washington State. There's a lot of talent issues and a lot of young guys, meaning it might take an extended period of time before the system starts clicking for his players. There also are very solid guys on his roster who could really make an impact when the Cougars hit the ground running this season.

One will have to take a wait and see approach, although I bet there will be a lot of seeing of Washington State by college football nation.