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UCLA Bruins Fall Practice: Walking Wounded Once Again


So the UCLA Bruins have had some unfortunate injury history when it comes to their football program. Last year was a pretty good season for them health-wise (most of the injuries came via the unfortunate UCLA-Arizona brawl), and they ended up in a tie for 15th in terms of most starts lost to injury.

Jim Mora hopes to bring in a new era, but the tradition of maimed Bruins lives on. From the tweets of Chris Foster of the Los Angeles Times (via Brian Floyd of SB Nation).

Jim Mora touched on a few other players that are struggling with health issues.

This is a far cry from the years where UCLA quarterbacks just kept on dropping, and there will have to be a lot of acclimating to the somewhat harsh climate of San Bernardino (temperatures are expected to be in the 90-100 degree range most of training camp).

Still, the very thought of health issues associated with Bruins football has to make UCLA fans a little antsy.