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Oregon Football Has Its Own Social Media Duckcave

They always do it fancy in Eugene. Check out this Instafacetwitterbook cave that's being constructed solely for the purpose of keeping up with what's happening with the Oregon students and their players.

This is pretty much being dedicated for one purpose: Constant tracking and communication between the University of Oregon and their players and fans. I'd guess while the fans are being mentioned as part of the arrangement, the student-athletes will be the main focal point of this social media center.

It does seem like an elaborate setup for social media management. However, considering how many Oregon football players have Twitter now as well as Facebook, it does make sense to have a 24/7 social media center where someone from the Ducks football team is monitoring what's happening with their athletes.

It also does seem to make sense from a practical standpoint to network with the fans. After all, when your fans make videos like this, you have to stand up and recognize their passion.

Still, it's kind of fun to imagine Chip Kelly brooding in the cave and setting up a cell phone sonar weapon with Lucius Fox to tape into the Pac-12 coaches lines, prank-ordering pizza for Steve Sarkisian and taking apart Monte Kiffin's USC defensive gameplan.