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Pac-12 Network And DirecTV Standoff, Both Sides Engaged In War Of Words

DirecTV issued a pointed response to the Pac-12 Network, stating that the conference is asking for too much money. The Pac-12 has reiterated the deal they've given DirecTV is in line with the same deals they've made with Dish and cable providers.

Oh boy, here we go.

After the Pac-12 issued a public statement that directly criticized DirecTV for asking for an arrangement that would have been unfair to their current partners, DirecTV countered right back with a statement that seemed to frame the network as a non-priority.

Let's go point-by-point.

Why was DISH able to come to an agreement with Pac-12 Network when DIRECTV hasn't?

We can't speak for DISH, but the fact is the terms Pac-12 presented to us would not allow DIRECTV to offer the channel at a price that's affordable for all our customers. Other providers have their own competitive reasons and arithmetic for doing deals. Our math is very simple. We don't want to add any unnecessary costs for those customers who may not have as strong an interest in Pac-12 Network. AT&T U-Verse, Verizon fios and Charter Communications (among others) have also yet to add Pac-12 Network.

Translation: The Pac-12 is asking for more than we're willing to pay. We're not revealing any figures because we know they'd probably show that we're a bunch of cheapskates on this issue, but that's not going to stop us from trying to make the conference look greedy!

After the jump, more of the criticisms.

What games will I miss on Pac-12 Network?
We don't want any fans to miss games because, when they feature your alma mater or favorite team, that's the most important game to you. Pac-12 Network has only two conference games scheduled this Saturday (please see schedule above) and the premiere conference match-up between #22 Arizona and #3 Oregon is on ESPN (and DIRECTV). For the fourth consecutive week, and every week since the Pac-12 Network began, none of the games on Pac-12 Network feature nationally ranked opponents based on either the Associated Press or USA Today Coaches' Poll. Last Saturday's top game, when #21 Stanford upset #2 USC, was also available on FOX and DIRECTV.

USC isn't ranked anymore? That's gotta be news to Trojan fans.

How many games will I miss this weekend?
Even though there are only two Pac-12 Network exclusives this weekend, they feature four Pac-12 teams. We realize those games are important to the fans of those teams so we want them to have their network. However, the Pac 12 continues to demand a significant price that would force all of our customers to still pay for this channel whether they want it or not

Yes, technically, that is how all channel selection works in this country. We pay for plenty of channels that we never watch to ensure we can watch other channels that we will watch. Many people will not watch the Pac-12 Network, but some people will, just like none of us will probably watch whatever on Oprah's network.

Finally, the Pac-12 issued the perfect response to this coded barb from DirecTV.

Other Pac-12 Action
Date Teams Network Time (PT)
Saturday, September 22 California at USC Pac-12 6 p.m.
Saturday, September 22 Utah at Arizona State Pac-12 10 p.m.

This keeps on getting more bitter before it gets better. DirecTV keeps on hardballing the Pac-12, and the Pac-12 keeps on gritting back. Forget bending, it's starting to look like one side will have to snap before a deal is made.