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UCLA Basketball: Shabazz Muhammad, Kyle Anderson, Tony Parker Recruitment Investigated


Uh-oh. has confirmed that the NCAA has been investigating three of UCLA's highly touted freshmen.

Shabazz Muhammad, Kyle Anderson and Tony Parker, a trio of Ben Howland recruits who the Bruins are hopeful will take them back to national relevance, have all been the target of the NCAA over the last few months.

We are at Defcon-One at Westwood!

This list is pretty much the entirety of UCLA's top-ranked recruiting class. The top shooting guard in the country, the top small forward who can also moonlight as a point guard, and a top six quality center could all be considered contenders to immediately contribute and bring the Bruins back to their former glory.

There has been a lot of concern about Muhammad's recruitment since the beginning. If Anderson and Parker are also in trouble for the way they were recruited, UCLA's class might be dead in the water, and the Bruins would pretty much be back to a six man team of Larry Drew-Tyler Lamb-Norman Powell-Wear twins-Fat Josh (Smith). That team would barely scrape the tournament.

Ben Howland has been given plenty of leverage to try and salvage his situation going into this season. But if there is dirt here, Howland might as well start digging for more of it, because UCLA basketball nation will be burying him in the rest.