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College Football Playoff: BCS Favors SEC & Big Ten Again

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I get these bowls are all about cartels and making millions of dollars and fat cat bowl CEOs in bad suits hitting up expensive golf courses with two strippers giving double action lap dances while they make it rain with their obscene profits. I get it. Make your dough, we watch college football, everyone is satisfied, except reasonable fans who want a damn playoff.

But do any of these new changes make any sense at all?

Here's how things break down:

The Orange Bowl and ACC's deal with Notre Dame/Big Ten/SEC locks up both sides of the third major bowl when the new playoff format starts in 2014. The Rose Bowl will have Big Ten and Pac-12 teams and the Champions Bowl -- still to be determined whether to be held in Arlington, Texas or New Orleans -- will have SEC and Big 12 teams.

Can someone explain this nonsense? So the Pac-12 and Big Ten have the Rose Bowl (duh), the Big 12 and the SEC have the Champions Bowl, and the ACC will face Notre Dame, Big Ten Or SEC team in the Orange Bowl. So unless Notre Dame starts playing like it's 1936 all over again, that means either the SEC or the Big Ten will have a leg up on getting additional BCS bowl revenue for their conference.

How is this secondary system any different from the old system? You know, the one that had bowl tie-ins based on attendance standings and TV ratings, and had the Big Ten and SEC going 1-2 in order. The Pac-12 better hope they get a top four rep in every year, because it's not likely they'll get any more than the standard two reps.