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Pac-12 Network & DirecTV: Conference Turned Down Satellite Plan

The Pac-12 Network and DirecTV are battling one another, with DirecTV's plan for a la carte programming rejected by the Conference of Champions.n

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Interesting. After initial reports of a standoff, perhaps DirecTV is willing to make a deal to carry the Pac-12 Network.

DirecTV decided to make another public statement on their stance regarding the Pac-12 Network. While they again try to make it seem like the Pac-12 is standing up to them in a way they're not willing to bargain, they did let a critical piece of information leak--there was a deal put in place for this week, but the Pac-12 wasn't willing to bargain for it in order to get a short-term fix.

Here is part of their new statement.

DIRECTV has wanted to make Pac-12 Network available to anyone across the entire conference community from Day One. We just proposed a new solution where we could offer it as a stand-alone channel before this Saturday’s games for anyone who might wish to subscribe to it and also proposed another where customers could buy future games on an on-demand basis until we get this worked out. Pac 12 rejected both without any consideration, demanding nothing less than a significant price and the express condition that all of our DIRECTV customers pay for this channel whether they are interested or not. It’s regrettable and unfortunate, but Pac 12 keeps denying these few exclusive games to the people who really want them the most.

What you should realize from this? DirecTV has been willing to bend to try and put a deal in place. Which means they are amenable to potentially making a deal down the line to get the Pac-12 Network up and running.

Contact DirecTV. Let them know you want the network or you will either drop them if you do have them or not consider them if you don't. The days are growing short, so all the pressure you put on them now is essential.

First things first: The deal as the Pac-12 presented it was total nonsense (HT ximiankernel here)

Jim Carlisle ‏@VCSJimCarlisle
DirecTV says it offered to carry Pac-12 Networks as a stand-alone channel for customers to take a la carte or to carry games on demand -more
Jim Carlisle ‏@VCSJimCarlisle
The on-demand proposal was to be in place “until we get this worked out.” Pac-12, however, rejected both ideas “without any consideration.”
Jim Carlisle ‏@VCSJimCarlisle
DirecTV: “It’s regrettable and unfortunate, but Pac 12 keeps denying these few exclusive games to the people who really want them the most.”

Buying games on-demand for the Pac-12? Do they think we're watching boxing matches?

There was no way the Pac-12 was ever going to accept this deal on face value. It basically makes the Pac-12 a pay-per-view package that would isolate it to only the most diehard and wealthy of their uses, and that certainly doesn't run in the line with the same plan the Pac-12 put in the place with the rest of their providers. This was a bone thrown out by DirecTV to provide the apparition of an olive branch, only to be burned by the Pac-12 when they realized it was just a snake.

Secondly, DirecTV continues to persist in their delusion that USC is no longer a ranked team (they even put two different channels for Oregon-Arizona and don't rank UCLA or Oregon State either). Yeah, these guys show a real sense of knowing the West Coast at all.

Are we 100% certain that a deal happens? Of course not. Two deals apparently just got rejected, which means the Pac-12 is drawing a line in the sand and they probably won't bend here. But it does seem like the pressure might be getting put on DirecTV to make a deal as soon as possible.

The next 36 hours will be crucial. Pac-12 fans must continue to demand the Pac-12 Network. There are signs that the dam might be breaking. Push forward.