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Pacific Takes Week 4 Blogpoll: Oregon Up, Oregon State In, UCLA And Arizona Out

The Oregon Ducks moved up, the Oregon State Beavers moved in, and the UCLA Bruins and the Arizona Wildcats fell out of the Pacific Takes Blogpoll in Week 4.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

1. Alabama - Another week, another blowout win, really looking forward to seeing Alabama play against top competition.

2. LSU - The Tigers barely escaped Auburn with a win, but you can never sell winning on the road against a good SEC program short.

3. Oregon - Arizona and Matt Scott might never be able to get through airport security with all the lead they put in their feet in Eugene, but the Ducks 49-0 win over Arizona almost launches them into the #2 spot none the less.

4. Georgia - Vanderbilt is consistently one of the "best" worst teams in the BCS conferences and the Bulldogs absolutely destroyed them.

5. Kansas State - The Wildcats showed that they are for real by winning at Oklahoma.

6. Notre Dame - The state of Michigan was unable to score a touchdown against the Irish defense this year.

7. Stanford - Stanford has proven that they aren't going away. Now can they avoid a hangover against Washington?

8. Florida State - The Seminoles should have an easy path to the ACC championship if they can avoid any upsets. Would an undefeated season be enough to get them into the BCS Title Game?

9. South Carolina - Still wary of if these guys can truly compete with the big dogs of the SEC, but the way they handled Missouri is a good sign that they can.

10. West Virginia - The Mountaineer offense looked good out of conference. Let's see how they will fair in a strong Big 12.

11. USC - Robert Woods looks banged up and Barkley threw two interceptions for the second week in a row. If Cal had a good quarterback, it might have been a tight game.

12. Texas - Still a bit wary of these guys for some reason, but they will get their chance to start proving themselves against Oklahoma State.

13. TCU - The TCU defense has given up only 13 points in three games and could be a sleeper in the Big 12.

14. Florida - The Gators get a week off to prepare for LSU and find out if they truly are back to being an elite SEC team.

15. Oklahoma - It doesn't look like this is going to be the year that Sooner fans have been waiting for.

16. Clemson - The Tigers defense still looks troubling, but their offense should be good enough to keep them near the top of the ACC.

17. Oregon State - Oregon State has put together a great two game resume and their defense has shut down Montee Ball and Johnathan Franklin.

18. Louisville - The Cardinals have been mildly impressive thus far, but still look like the best team in the Big East.

19. Ohio State - The Big 10 looks woeful and the Buckeyes have a great chance to get a conference title in Urban Meyer's first year in Columbus.

20. Michigan State - It doesn't matter how good their defense is if their offense is as bad as they have looked so far.

21. Nebraska - Nebraska has a great chance to win the weakened Big 10 if they can keep Rex Burkhead healthy.

22. Mississippi State - Have looked solid, kind of get this sport simply because they are an undefeated SEC team.

23. Rutgers - Someone is going to have to challenge Louisville in the Big East and Rutgers has looked like the best candidate thus far.

24. Baylor - A close win at Louisiana-Monroe would usually be embarrassing, but not this year.

25. Boise State - Never would have thought that a Boise State offense would look this bad, but the defense looks great.