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SB Nation United: Pacific Takes Gets A Makeover

Hey all,

Pacific Takes and the rest of the SB Nation sites across the network are getting a huge overhaul at some point in the near future, and one of the first things that will come with this makeover are new sleek-looking logos (if you want to see more of them, click here). Check out what the new logo will be.


As you can see, it maintains most of the architecture of the original (hey there chill wave) while incorporating the other prominent element of the Pac-12 logo. And of course, the elusive Rose remains right there for everyone else to chase. What do you all think?

The new SB Nation United looks super-slick, and I imagine you'll all be thrilled with the new changes coming down the pipeline. For the first time Pacific Takes will really have that magazine-type format that allows us to place and position the best stories and features at the top of our site rather than the reverse-chronology that burdens the old blog architecture. You all should be really excited about it, because I don't get easily excited, except maybe when De'Anthony Thomas or Marqise Lee touches the football.

Coming soon.