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Pac-12 Basketball: Two Ranked Opponents!

The Pac-12 hasn't seen a game with two ranked teams playing one another since March of 2009. That absolutely highlights the weekend as Oregon heads to Pauley Pavilion. Beyond that, there's a pair of exciting rivalry games and I wonder whether Colorado can get their groove back?

Douglas C. Pizac-USA TODAY Sports


Arizona @ ASU, 11:30am, FSN - I was ecstatic at the announcement of the Pac-12 Networks and Larry Scott's vision of broadcasting every Pac-12 game out there. "Fare thee well, Fox Sports," I thought. So when I became aware of the fact that I'd be mid-flight for this spicy rivalry game, I assumed all would be well; I could stream the game on SWA WiFi and awkwardly kick the back of seat in front of me with each play. Alas, my viewership will not escape the limiting grasp of Fox Sports and I might have to miss this one. Live at least. Which is really too bad because Jahii and Lyons have been chirping at each other and ASU won the last one in Tempe and Wells Fargo will be rocking and this one just smells like a ballgame worth watching.

Oregon @ UCLA, 1pm, CBS - The first game featuring ranked Pac-12 opponents since March 2009. Nothing more to say.

Cal @ Stanford, 1:30pm, FSN - Another Fox broadcast but I won't focus there. Here we find ourselves with a rivalry game featuring two squads meddling between disappointing and irrelevant. For starters, Stanford is 1-3 and has looked nothing the part of a conference contender. Across the Bay, Monty's group has split their two weekends but emits the impression of a team too dependent upon the success of Allen Crabbe and, to a lesser extent, Justin Cobbs. Unsustainable. Ultimately I believe the Cardinal need to start to show some semblance of toughness, a supposed trademark of their coach.

Oregon State @ USC, 5pm, P12N - The Bob Cantu era kicked off with a very fun effort and was three-to-nineteen tip shots away from overtime. But the ball didn't fall and Cantu fell to 0-1 and the big coaching hunt carries on. But Bob can't get wrapped up in that. He has a team to coach and an audition to continue. Meanwhile, Craig Robinson is swiftly watching this season get away from what could've been a far more competitive year. They welcome back Eric Moreland from suspension which could be blessing or curse. Whatever it is, this game lacks much by way of excitement.

Colorado @ Washington State, 7pm, P12N - Stella returned to her groove by visiting Jamaica which is a far sexier destination than Pullman but could prove an equal elixir for the Buffs. Because they still seem to be reeling from the monitors and need something, anything, to shift their energy. Perhaps they need to cut the head off a live rooster, I don't know? I do know that WSU isn't that good and Colorado is a helluva lot better than their 1-4 record and the product they've displayed. Now's the time to start the shift.

Utah @ Washington, 8pm, ESPNU - The winless Utes head to the undefeated Huskies in what should be a rollover for the Dawgs. But maybe, just maybe, Utah has an opportunity to best Washington at their own game. For the most part UW has road the grossly efficient coat tails of CJ Wilcox and a stellar defense. Utah has played a very possession conscious style as well, one that behooves an under-talented, try-heavy strategy. Washington should walk away with a win here but their offensive inefficiencies and green-but-staunch defense leaves the door open to...something.