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Pac-12 Basketball: A Weekend of Momentum Grabbing

With little by way of marquee games our focus turns to games that could trip up some of the contenders. Something is going to slack jaw us.

Stephen Dunn

We're just three and a half weeks deep and already the Ducks and Bruins are starting to create some space between themselves and the field. This weekend there aren't many marquee names squaring off but there are undoubtedly some opportunities for precious momentum to be lost.


UCLA @ ASU, 1pm, FSN: Oh boy. The weekly Fox game. Good luck finding this one on television or broadcast for that matter. I suppose you could just do a YouTube search for any sports telecast preceding the 1994 season of anything for similar graphics and production value but whatever. That's not paying due homage to the fact that UCLA is a darned good basketball team heading to Tempe to play a darned dangerous basketball team. The Bruins are coming off a big and emotional win while the Sun Devils have been saving their weekend's best for this one.

Washington State @ Oregon State, 2pm, P12N: The battle of one wins. Doesn't that have a lovely ring to it? Yeah, it's about as beautiful as the ring my ex got which is to say none at all. But on a serious note, Oregon State is a heckuva lot better than they've played thus far and I expect their length and athleticism to carry them to a few more conference victories. Thus, hosting the grossly undisciplined Cougars should bode well for the Beavers in their quest to collect Ws. Brock Motum.

Washington @ Oregon, 4pm, P12N: Ya know, just a couple of states squaring off. The Dawgs have done nothing but disappoint since their hot start and Oregon has done nothing but win since the clock turned 13. As always, the veteran Huskies have a shot to upset but if they continue in their ways of losing to grossly inferior opponents, the Ducks should have their way in this one. Particularly considering their less-than-stellar performance Thursday night. LoRo's club could make some noise here, but I doubt it.

USC @ Arizona, 4pm, ESPNU: Following the conclusion of this one, I'll be headed to a 1920's themed party, adorned in suspenders and I'm really not sure what else. Perhaps a paperboy cap, I don't know? However you slice it, my costume indecisiveness somewhat resembles Sean Miller's Wildcats: We're not entirely sure how good it's going to look, but they're going to be competitive with a shot at looking real nice.


California @ Colorado, 12:30pm, FSN: Another Fox Sports-er, but I won't linger. Colorado needs to start filling the left column a little more often than the right. As do the Cal Bears. Two facts that make this yet another compelling ballgame as many eyes will follow each of these programs through the remainder of the season. Colorado showed signs of life Thursday and will need to continue to do things like shoot the ball well. On the flip side, for Cal to get things going, they'll need someone not named Allen or Justin to step up.

Stanford @ Utah, 6pm, P12N: Are the Cardinal falling apart before our eyes? They were beaten in a Hunger Games-like battle in Boulder and really taken to task in such. They've shown less and less to make one believe they're better than mediocre and it's beyond time to start questioning the Dawkins era. As for the Utes, talent aside, Larry K squads are going to compete. Whether he has them believing they have nothing to lose or that they can hang with anyone, whatever it is, the Utes come to play. I dig that.