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Pac-12 Football: Who is the Best Coach in the Pac-12 Now?

Chip Kelly was long the unquestioned king of the Pac-12 coaches, but with Kelly now headed to the Philadelphia Eagles, who will take his throne out West?

Ezra Shaw

With Chip Kelly off to the NFL, who do you think is the best coach in the Pac-12 now?

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes - It's a two-way battle between David Shaw and Mike Riley and I will have to take Riley because he has proven it on his own. Shaw could easily establish himself as the best in a couple of years, but just doesn't have the track record yet and Riley has proven he can win with limited talent for years now.

Jack Blanchat, Rule of Tree: It's hard to tell right now - I'm tempted to go with David Shaw, but his (extremely impressive) body of work is pretty small. If you throw out coaches that have less than five years of head coaching experience, I think Mike Leach might take the cake in terms of coaching ability. What he did at Texas Tech is phenomenally impressive.

Andy Wooldridge, Building The Dam: With Chip Kelly gone, its not only really wide open, its subject to major change in relatively short order. David Shaw's limited run, especially with no prior head coaching experience, is clearly the best right now, based on 2 BCS games, plus a Division and Conference title. No one else approximates that. But we won't know until we see if he can continue to recruit and develop talent of that level just how good he is.

Mike Riley has accomplished a lot, and is the right fit for his situation, but the same can be said of Kyle Whittingham. Both have also had mediocre to even sub-mediocre seasons as well though. If coaching stability breaks out for a couple of years, we'll have a lot better idea.

Jon Woods, Ralphie Report: Lane Kiffin? Haha, I kid, I kid. Thinking about this question really makes you realize how ridiculous the turnover has been in this conference. David Shaw is an interesting option, but I don't think he has the longevity to have proven that yet. With what Mike Riley has done with the talent he has I think he has to be the easy choice for now. He gets it done on the field and in recruiting and has the Beavers back on the upswing.