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Pacific Takes Pac-12 Power Rankings 10/10: Utes move up a spot

Each week we put together Pac-12 power rankings based on voting from Pac-12 fans.

Gene Sweeney Jr.


1. Oregon 5-0 2-0 (#1 Last Week)

The Ducks have held onto this spot comfortably thus far but now get their first challenge of the season at Washington Saturday and have a chance to further solidify their spot up top.

2. Stanford 5-0 3-0 (#2 Last Week)

The Cardinal got outplayed in their home stadium against Washington and some voters responded by actually voting them lower than the Huskies. Their struggles probably widened the gap between them and Oregon and narrowed the gap between them and Washington.

3. Washington 4-1 1-1 (#3 Last Week)

The Huskies narrowly missed out on finally getting out of their designated third spot by coming up just short against Stanford, but they can finally make that jump next week if they can somehow upset Oregon Saturday.

4. Oregon State 4-1 2-0 (#4 Last Week)

The Beavers barely hung onto their lead over Washington State and now have to travel to Pullman to hold onto their spot.

5. Washington State 4-2 2-1 (#5 Last Week)

The Cougars now appear to officially be out of the Pac-12 cellar for the rest of the season with their dominating win at Cal last Saturday.

6. Cal 1-4 0-2 (#6 Last Week)

The Bears are probably buried here already after getting handled by the Cougars and will likely struggle to win more than a game or two the rest of the season.


1. UCLA 4-0 1-0 (#1 Last Week)

The Bruins struggled with Utah more than I think most people would expect, but still held onto their top spot comfortably with Arizona State's loss to Notre Dame.

2. Arizona State 3-2 1-1 (#2 Last Week)

The Sun Devils could have made a huge statement by beating Wisconsin and Notre Dame out-of-conference but came up short and seem to be stuck in between the clear South leader in UCLA right now and the questionable pack of three that are directly below them.

3. Utah 3-2 0-2 (#4 Last Week)

The Utes jumped past Arizona with their impressive performance against UCLA but will need to actually start winning games in the Pac-12 to stay here.

4. Arizona 3-1 0-1 (#3 Last Week)

It's October and the Wildcats have still yet to prove anything, but their overall record is still good enough to hold them above USC and Colorado.

5. USC 3-2 0-2 (#5 Last Week)

Ed Orgeron has a big hole to dig himself out of and he gets an immediate chance to move up in his first game as the Trojans host Arizona tonight.

6. Colorado 2-2 0-2 (#6 Last Week)

The Buffs seem to be getting more respect, but they'll have to beat a team or two in the Pac-12 before they get out of their designated space at the bottom of the South.