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Ranking Washington's nine consecutive losses to Oregon by amount of pain

The Huskies have lost nine-straight to the Ducks, and while they have all been painful, some have been more than others.


It's been a long, long time since Washington has beaten Oregon in football, actually, an almost unfathomable amount of time. What I think really attests to this maybe more than anything, is the lack of pain I feel that Husky fans, and probably even players have felt whenever they lost to the Ducks over the years.

Still, they all have hurt, but which have hurt more than the others.

1. 2013 - Score to be decided.

I hate to break it to Husky fans but it's not going to happen.

Despite all the Gameday excitement, Washington's overall improvement, practice against the hurry-up, homefield advantage, a rejuvenated Keith Price - I don't see this being the year that the Huskies knock off Oregon barring a major miracle. Because of all this, it's going to be very painful Saturday afternoon when Oregon stretches out to a comfortable lead and it becomes obvious once again just how big the gap is between the two programs right now. I hope this isn't the case, but I wouldn't bet against it. The Ducks are more efficient in their system, less mistake prone, bigger, faster and more poised at almost every position and haven't seemed to be fazed by playing on the road since Mike Belloti was coach. Saturday's loss is going to be especially hurt as many fans will have to wonder - "If not now, when?"

2. 2011 - Oregon 34 Washington 17

This one was similar to 2013 as it was the final game in the old Husky Stadium, the Huskies had been playing well outside of a thumping by Stanford and the Ducks easily could have been looking ahead to an epic showdown with Stanford that they were going to be playing the next week. What was especially painful about this game, was closing out the old Husky Stadium with a loss to Oregon combined with the fact that it was actually the Oregon defense that dominated the game and made sure that it never got too close.

3. 2012 - Oregon 52 Washington 21

The Huskies had just come off an inspiring performance against Stanford (sound familiar?) led by the new Justin Wilcox-led defensive unit and Husky spirits were high heading into a game with Oregon. This one hurt real bad because of how swiftly it ended. The Ducks at the time had a habit of frequently letting teams at least stick around till the second half before they would hit hyper-drive and end the game, but that wasn't the case in 2012 as the game was essentially over in the first quarter. This was probably the most sobering off all of the Huskies' losses to the Ducks on the list.

4. 2007 - Oregon 55 Washington 34

This one seems to get forgotten a lot as (depending on how 2013 goes), it was the only one during this span where I truly think Washington was competitive and had a chance to win which actually made it especially painful. The game was tied in the fourth quarter and just a seven point game with five minutes left in the game but the Ducks pulled away late. Throw in the fact that Washington native Jonathan Stewart put up astounding numbers on the ground in what was probably his best collegiate game and I start to think that it should maybe be even closer to number one.

5. 2009 - Oregon 43 Washington 19

Steve Sarkisian had already proven that he could turn around the Huskies' perpetual failures against USC earlier in the season so it was a harsh blow when the Ducks came up to Seattle and showed that wasn't going to be the case with Oregon in a dominating win. This also was a troublesome harbinger of things to come in that, it showed just how quickly devastating the Oregon offense could be when it needed to and how easily they could dominate the second half of games under Chip Kelly.

6. 2008 - Oregon 44 Washington 10

This one may not have mattered much after the fact, but at the time, it was pretty devastating. The Ducks had lost a lot of talent from their 2007 squad, particularly Dennis Dixon and Jonathan Stewart, and the Huskies had a squad that they didn't realize was terrible yet, led by a then-healthy Jake Locker. This season opener hurt bad considering that the Huskies hadn't been truly been blown out by the Ducks when they had a team that they hadn't already established as horrible in decades and it was a major sign that showed the Huskies were going to struggle in 2008.

7. 2006 - Oregon 34 Washington 14

This is kind of a forgotten season as the Huskies started well with Isaiah Stanback leading the way but then lost three-straight close games once he went down with a season-ending injury. What hurt about this one was that after taking Cal and Arizona State to overtime the previous two weeks, the Huskies lost by 20 points to an above average Oregon team in what may be the most unnecessary of all of these blowouts.

8. 2010 - Oregon 53 Washington 16

This one seems pretty low on the pain meter for taking place during the Sarkisian era when there have been expectations and the especially lopsided score, but I don't think any fans thought that the Huskies had any chance once it was revealed that Locker wouldn't be playing. The pain was also tempered by the fact that then freshman and first time starter Keith Price made some plays and the Huskies kept it from getting embarrassing until late in the third quarter against what was probably the best team of the Chip Kelly era.

9. 2005 - Oregon 45 Washington 24

This was back when getting beat by the Ducks still didn't feel like a forgone conclusion, but the pessimism of the Tyrone Willingham era was already in full effect in his first season and I think everyone expected to lose this game to what was a good Ducks team.

10. 2004 - Oregon 31 Washington 6

It started the whole mess, but fans had given up on the season a long time before the game. If they only knew that it was going to start a streak as long as this one, maybe they would have felt worse.