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Pacific Takes Pac-12 Power Rankings 10/17: Utes continue climb up the South

For the second-straight week, Utah makes a jump in the South division.

George Frey


1. Oregon 6-0 3-0 (#1 last week)

The Ducks have been at the top of the North all season, but are now unanimous after handling Washington and Stanford getting upset by Utah.

2. Stanford 5-1 3-1 (#2 last week)

The Cardinal held onto their spot between Oregon and Washington despite getting upset by Utah. Still, the gap between them and Oregon got a lot bigger and the gap between them and Washington/Oregon State got a lot smaller.

3. Washington 4-2 1-2 (#3 last week)

The Huskies struck out against both of the North's top teams and appear stuck in the middle of the division for the near future. They have to be wary of Oregon State though as the Beavers appear to get better and better each week and are already starting to steal some of the Huskies' votes.

4. Oregon State 5-1 3-0 (#4 last week)

Outside of Oregon, the Beavers and their prolific passing game might be scaring the conference more than anyone else right now. They can easily jump two spots if Stanford and Washington lose this weekend.

5. Washington State 4-3 2-2 (#5 last week)

Oregon State's destruction of the Cougars in the fourth quarter last week was sobering as it appears that the gap between the Cougars and the middle of the North might be bigger than it seemed.

6. Cal 1-5 0-3 (#6 last week)

The only question now seems to be - can Cal win another game this season?


1. UCLA 5-0 2-0 (#1 last week)

The Bruins have held onto the top spot all season thus far but now the season truly begins for them with back-to-back road games at Stanford and Oregon. Losses in both games could blow the South race wide open.

2. Utah 4-2 1-2 (#3 last week)

Kind of like the Oregon State of the South, their stock seems to keep improving every week, but they are going to start having to prove themselves on the road very soon.

3. Arizona State 4-2 2-1 (#2 last week)

The Sun Devils have been kind of quiet lately, but that could all change this week if they can beat Washington in Tempe.

4. USC 4-2 1-2 (#5 last week)

All is not lost in LA as the Trojans proved that they can beat a Pac-12 team and showed signs of life in Ed Orgeron's first game.

5. Arizona 3-2 0-2 (#4 last week)

The Wildcats are dangerously close to making themselves the second-worst team in the Pac-12 South just halfway through the season. Saturday's game against Utah is a must-win.

6. Colorado 2-3 0-3 (#6 last week)

Nothing to see here, the Buffs are still really bad and a disaster at quarterback. Nothing new...