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Pac-12 Bowl Projections 10/23: Oregon Ducks and Stanford Cardinal in BCS Bowls

For the fourth straight year, Stanford and Oregon will both head to BCS bowls.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

BCS Championship Game - Oregon vs. Alabama

Unless one of these teams slips up, and even one of them slips up once, I think this is most likely the matchup that logically will happen for the BCS Championship Game. While this matchup always seems to be a pipe dream, I would say the good news for the Ducks is that most seem to think that the Crimson Tide are more likely to slip up somewhere in their remaining schedule than Oregon.

Rose Bowl - Stanford vs. Ohio State

The Cardinal looked like they might be regressing there for a bit after a near loss to Washington and a loss to upset, but threw a serious counterpunch by convincingly beating UCLA last week and reasserting their Pac-12 dominance. I think the Cardinal could easily only lose one more game on their schedule to Oregon and then get themselves back to a fourth-straight BCS bowl against a one-loss or maybe even undefeated Ohio State team that easily wins a weak Big Ten.

Alamo Bowl - UCLA vs. Oklahoma State

Unless the Bruins can pull off a miracle in Eugene Saturday or in a Pac-12 Championship Game rematch, they probably are not yet a BCS Bowl-level team. They are close though, and this is one of the best non-BCS bowls there is. Their opponent will be interesting as I think the Big 12 is going to sorts itself out in the next month or so and I think Baylor will maintain, but Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas will push Texas Tech down.

Holiday Bowl- Oregon State vs. Texas Tech

I think the Beavers might end up being better than the Bruins, but will be a less attractive option for the Alamo since they would be a back-to-back, but the Holiday Bowl will be a great reward for the Beavers after dropping their opener to Eastern Washington. They will get a good Texas Tech team that like them, will come down to earth a little bit late in the season when their schedule gets much tougher.

Sun Bowl - Arizona State vs. Virginia Tech

The Sun Devils looks like they will definitely be serious contenders to pry the South away from UCLA after their dismantling of Washington and UCLA's struggles against Stanford. I don't think they will quite be able to do it, but they will still be improving by making it to El Paso and getting one of the better ACC opponents to make it there in a long time.

Las Vegas Bowl - USC vs. Boise State

I think the Las Vegas Bowl will get to choose between USC and Washington will take the Trojans to avoid a back-to-back Washington vs. Boise State matchup. I think USC will continue to play improved under Ed Orgeron, but not enough to crack the UCLA/Arizona State layer at the top of their division, but could be an especially interesting team if they already have a new coach on board by the bowl. I think Boise State wins a rematch against Fresno State in the Mountain West Championship Game to get here.

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl - Washington vs. BYU

The Huskies will get to a bowl game, but it definitely won't be the level of one that they hoped they would make going into what was supposed to be their breakout season under Steve Sarkisian. Instead, they will be a very attractive option for the Fight Hunger Bowl and, unfortunately for them, get a very good opponent for the level of bowl they are playing in.

New Mexico Bowl - Utah vs. Utah State

I think the Utes will just barely make it to bowl eligibility, getting their sixth win against Colorado in their closer and will get the edge over Arizona by the New Mexico Bowl to avoid a back-to-back with the Wildcats. I think the New Mexico Bowl would jump on the Aggies if they are available to set up a rematch of a bitter rivalry game that could draw a crowd.

Poinsettia Bowl - Arizona vs. Fresno State

I think the Wildcats also fight and scrap to bowl eligibility, and even though they won't get a Pac-12 slotted bowl, will get an at-large spot somewhere. The Poinsettia would be a good destination with Army not qualifying for their spot and the Wildcats being a West Coast program. Unfortunately, they will get a raging Fresno State team that blew a Mountain West championship game against Boise State.