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Pacific Takes Pac-12 Power Rankings 10/24: Beavers and Sun Devils Make Moves

Each week we put together our power poll based on voting from Pac-12 fans.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports


1. Oregon 7-0 4-0 (#1 Last week)

The Ducks have held onto this spot comfortably, but the combined Pac-12 records of their Pac-12 opponents thus far is 3-13. They will now start to be tested for their top spot week-after-week as their schedule toughens up.

2. Stanford 6-1 4-1 (#2 Last week)

The Cardinal added some serious strength to their previously-questionable résumé by controlling UCLA last week.

3. Oregon State 6-1 4-0 (#4 Last week)

The Beavers finally cracked Washington and now have a chance to crack Stanford as the Cardinal come into Corvallis next week. They are maybe quietly the scariest team in the conference outside of the Ducks right now.

4. Washington 4-3 1-3 (#3 Last week)

The Huskies finally fell out of the top half of the North after topping off a three-game losing streak with an embarrassing demolition at the hands of Arizona State.

5. Washington State 4-4 2-3 (#5 Last week)

It's going to be a serious struggle for the Cougars to get out of the fifth spot, but Washington's recent struggles have to be encouraging.

6. Cal 1-6 0-4 (#6 Last week)

Tough year for Cal. I don't think anyone thought that they would be this bad.


1. UCLA 5-1 2-1 (#1 Last week)

The Bruins had been an unanimous leader in the South, but their struggles against Stanford combined with Arizona State's dominance of Washington opened things up for the Sun Devils.

2. Arizona State 5-2 3-1 (#3 Last week)

The Sun Devils got their second spot back and are now inching closer towards UCLA. They actually have a better record in the Pac-12 than the Bruins right now.

3. Utah 4-3 1-3 (#2 Last week)

This is one of the first results of the rankings that I really don't get. Sure, the Utes knocked off Stanford, but they just lost to Arizona by 11, who lost to USC the week before and they are ahead of those two teams?

4. USC 4-3 1-2 (#4 Last week)

The Trojans lost a tough one to Notre Dame, but maintained their spot and can get back into the upper level of South with a win over Utah this week.

5. Arizona 4-2 1-2 (#5 Last week)

Despite beating Utah, the Wildcats remain in the second-to-last spot in the South.

6. Colorado 3-3 0-3 (#6 Last week)

It's nice that the Buffs were able to run the table out of conference, but winning a game in the Pac-12 is going to be a challenge.