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Pacific Takes Pac-12 Power Rankings 10/31: USC climbing back up the ladder in the South

Each week we put together Pac-12 power rankings based on voting by Pac-12 fans.

Stephen Dunn


1. Oregon 8-0 5-0 (#1 last week)

The Ducks are still the unanimous team up top in the North heading into a bye week and then their epic showdown at Stanford.

2. Stanford 7-1 5-1 (#2 last week)

After a week off, the Cardinal will get their one chance to jump over Oregon and take the top spot, but that is going to be a very tough thing to do.

3. Oregon State 6-2 4-1 (#3 last week)

It looks like the Beavers might not be ready to challenge the top of the North yet after losing to Stanford, now their challenge is to hold off Washington for the third spot.

4. Washington 5-3 2-3 (#4 last week)

After a nightmare stretch of games, the Huskies' schedule is finally lightening up and if they can take care of business in games that they should, they will have a good chance at challenging Oregon State for the third spot.

5. Washington State 4-4 2-3 (#5 last week)

The Cougars seem to be stagnating a bit as their schedule toughens up, but they still have a good shot at sneaking a couple more wins in this season and getting to a bowl and possibly nipping at the heels of the Huskies.

6. Cal 1-7 0-5 (#6 last week)

The gravestone has officially been put upon the Bears' grave. Now the only question is if they can win a single Pac-12 game.


1. UCLA 5-2 2-2 (#1 last week)

The Bruins have held onto this spot all through the season, but after two double-digit losses in a row, they are now just hanging on by a thread.

2. Arizona State 5-2 3-1 (#2 last week)

The Sun Devils are very, very close to catching UCLA and are actually ahead of them in the standings, but need to avoid losing in a trap game at Washington State tonight.

3. USC 5-3 2-2 (#4 last week)

Don't' look now, but the Trojans are slowly climbing back up the rankings. They are one of the most intriguing teams in the country right now.

4. Arizona 5-2 2-2 (#5 last week)

The Wildcats should go to a bowl game again, but it's unlikely that they will be able to get above this spot the rest of the year without pulling off upsets.

5. Utah 4-4 1-4 (#3 last week)

Just when it looked like the Utes might end up competing for the top of the South, they plummeted and already have four in-conference losses.

6. Colorado 3-4 0-4 (#6 last week)

As bad as it seems for Colorado, keep in mind that they still play Cal and Utah and could still jump past Utah.