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What does Kiffin's exit mean to the rest of the Pac-12?

The firing of Lane Kiffin means something to every other school in the conference.

Christian Petersen

Washington - Steve Sarkisian might be in play

It has long been speculated that if Sarkisian ever really got things going at Washington and the USC position was open, that the Trojans would coming knocking and there is no way that Sark could say no. Sarkisian only has an above average record at Washington, but seems to now have the Huskies on the cusp and is supposedly a great personality in a room, so he could be a dark horse candidate. However, his lack of large-scale success, connections to Pete Carroll/Kiffin and inexperience make him a very tough sell to a frustrated USC fanbase, so they shouldn't be sweating too hard. Still, Husky fans will at least be a little on edge until the Trojans officially pick a new head coach.

Washington State - Maybe that win at USC wasn't that big of a deal

You can't take away how big a Pac-12 win, let alone a road win against a prestigious program means to a program that has been as moribund recently as the Cougars, but after Arizona State's blowout of the Trojans and Kiffin immediate dismissal, the Trojans might be even a bigger disaster than initially thought. So while, it was a big win for the Cougars, it might look like nothing by the end of the season.

Oregon - The competition could get tougher

It's not a coincidence that Oregon's rise to the top of the conference, and dominance of everyone below them, coincided with the fall of USC. Even though he knocked them off in 2011, Duck fans had to be happy with Kiffin in USC as he seemed to keep the Trojans locked in a state of underachievement. Now, if USC can hire the right coach, they are probably the only program in the conference that has a higher ceiling than Oregon, so Duck fans should hope that they don't choose the right guy.

Oregon State - Mike Riley might be a candidate

Okay, so Kiffin's dismissal probably won't mean much to the Beavers, but I did hear some random talk about Mike Riley being a potential candidate. Riley does a lot with a little in Corvallis, so the idea of him getting to work with a lot at USC seems interesting, but Riley's stock seemed to peak about five years ago, the Beavers lost to an FCS opponent for the second time in three seasons this year and his personality just doesn't seem like it would gel with USC. But hey, you never know.

Cal - They might be able to poach some LA recruits this year

The Bears have made a living sneakily stealing good recruits from the LA area each year in recent classes and with the USC helm currently unoccupied, they might be able to use this opening to get in the game with some of LA's top recruits for the Class of 2014 who had been leaning towards USC.

Stanford - The may have a better challenger down south soon

Lane Kiffin left LA having never beaten Stanford, and with USC looking weak as ever this season, it's likely that the Cardinal will extend their winning streak over the Trojans to five - an astounding number considering the prestige of both schools. However, the Trojans' next coach will assuredly put a huge emphasis on ending that streak and returning the Trojans to their role as the dominant football school from California.

UCLA - Their battle to take over LA will change up a little bit

Like Oregon and Stanford, the Bruins have used Kiffin's struggles to their advantage and taken over the football crown of LA under Jim Mora but some new blood in the Trojan coaching role could make that battle much tougher. Kiffin was an amazing recruiter, and won a lot of battles over Mora, who is amazing at recruiting at his own right, but a new coach that can take care of things on the field could quickly bring UCLA's perch at the top into question.

Arizona - Next Thursday's game just got a lot more interesting

Next Thursday's matchup between Arizona and USC looked like it was already going to be huge as the loser will be walking away in a serious hole in the South and now the intrigue just ramped up with it becoming Ed Orgeron's first game taking over for Kiffin. Often times, teams immediately respond well to a mid-season changes at head coach, so the Wildcats will need to be ready for a potentially, temporarily rejuvenated Trojan squad.

Arizona State - They are now move beloved by USC fans

The Sun Devils put the final nail in the Kiffin coffin. Congratulations.

Utah - uhh... a ray of hope to get out of the bottom half of the Pac-12 South.

USC's dismissal of Kiffin is just another piece in the chain of events thus far this season that makes it seem that, despite incredibly low expectations, the Utes might end up in third place in the Pac-12 and in a bowl game.

Colorado - Maybe someone else is as bad as the Buffs

It has been a long time since anyone has been in the stratosphere of how bad Colorado has been the past two years, but the Trojans could be headed that way if Orgeron loses control of the team and injuries start to stack up.