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The scariest players in the Pac-12

Inspired by Halloween, we decided on the 12 scariest players in the Pac-12.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Bruce Feldman recently put together a list of the 10 scariest players in college football this season and chose UCLA linebacker Anthony Barr as number one and Washington State safety Deone Bucannon as number six, so we thought it would be fun to take a look at the 12 scariest players who play on the fearsome fields of the Pac-12. I will note that this isn't strictly considering big and ferocious as the only definition for scary as there are many different kinds of fear on a football field - though I would say that naturally that is the way that it leans.

Anthony Barr LB UCLA

Feldman chose him first and it's a pretty easy decision. He leads the conference in tackles-for-loss, is way too fast and strong for how big he is and is about the only guy I have seen all year that was able to break down Marcus Mariota a little bit. If I am an opposing quarterback in the conference, he is the last guy I want defending me.

Carl Bradford LB Arizona State

Bradford is like a smaller, less talented Barr, but that still leaves him as one of the best pass-rushing linebackers in the entire country. Braford blitzes relentlessly, has the size and speed to deliver the big blow and plays fearlessly. He's a bit like a more composed Vontaze Burfict.

Deone Bucannon S Washington State

Maybe the biggest hitter in the entire country, Bucannon might be my favorite player in the conference this year. He looks like an NFL player and hits like one and his big hit in the Auburn game still might be the biggest hit of the year in the Pac-12.

Ifo Ekpre-Olomu CB Oregon

The first guy who I wouldn't say is traditionally scary, but I put Ekpre-Olomu here because of how scared opposing defense are of throwing against him. His interceptions are a little bit down this year, but that's actually just a testament to how scared teams are of even testing him. Also, he's as good of a tackler at cornerback as I have seen in the conference in a long time.

Jake Fisher T Oregon

The only offensive lineman to make the list, Fisher has unlimited nasty is the best pulling lineman in the conference if not the country - he's a nightmare to defenders coming around the edge on a sweep. Plus, he kind of gives off a jock henchman vibe from a 90s college comedy.

Ioane Gauta DT Washington State

One of the biggest breakout players of 2013, Gauta has become a beast for the Cougars up front and is a big reason why they have been so improved this season. Gauta is a monster that can stuff the run and get after the passer.

Marcus Mariota QB Oregon

Another guy who might not blow you up with a hit, but is more psychologically scary, he's more The Shining than he is Friday the 13th. Teams are terrified of blitzing Mariota because he can break off an 80-yard run with ease, but teams are also terrified of not blitzing him because he can drop back and throw guys open with rainbows if given time. He might not be traditionally scary, but he probably keeps opposing coaches up at night more than any other player in the conference.

Cassius Marsh DE UCLA

Marsh is far from the best overall player on this list, but probably has a shorter fuse than anyone else and isn't the least bit afraid of mixing it up. He's a bit of a throw back with his nasty demeanor and short fuse and while it might get him ejected sometimes, it also has to make offensives scared of him.

Ty Montgomery KR Stanford

Don't kick it to him, don't kick it to him, don't kick it to him... when opposing fans sound like frightened movie patrons watching a slasher film when talking about you, you are scary.

Trent Murphy LB Stanford

A 6'6 265 linebacker that leads the conference in sacks, can knock down passes like J.J. Watt and even grab balls out of the air and take them back for touchdowns, Murphy seems like a Frankenstein hybrid linebacker monster built by Jim Harbaugh. Murphy may not be as explosive as Barr, but he is bigger, stronger and a little bit more straight up physically intimidating.

Danny Shelton DT Washington

Shelton is a lot like Marsh in that he likes to mix it up and isn't afraid to get a personal foul penalty or two. At 6'1 315, he's compact and freakishly strong, a traditional nose tackle, complete with a nasty streak and propensity to get his hands in offensive linemen's faces.

Will Sutton DT Arizona State

Sutton hasn't had the production that he had in 2012, but some of that has to do with the fact that teams put it in their game plan to neutralize him. Even with the reduced production, Sutton is still one of the scariest players in the conference and even added some weight this season which adds to his intimidation ability.

Honorable Mention

Morgan Breslin DE USC

Travis Feeney LB Washington

Shayne Skov LB Stanford

Tony Washington DE Oregon

Leonard Williams DT USC