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Larry Scott grades: How has the Pac-12 commissioner performed?

Our Pac-12 roundtable debates.


Now that he'll be our comissioner at least another five years, how would you grade Larry Scott's tenure so far at the head of the Pac-12?

David Piper, Addicted to Quack: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Sean Reynolds, Block U: I think he's done a pretty good job all around - except with officiating. His comments earlier this season that officiating was improving might've been the worst case of head-in-sandism I've seen in a long while.

Adam Butler, Pac Hoops: There's always a way to complain but let's take a look at the health of the Pac's major sports: football and basketball. The gridiron out here has been considered the best in the country by many talking heads all the season long. Tonight they'll feature a top-5 matchup with all eyes on Palo Alto. On the court (STARTS TOMORROW), things are back - or at least very, very close - to where we want them. Maybe there's no DirecTV deal, but we have ways around that if there are good teams to watch.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: I would give it a B+. Scott is all about the money and that is a good thing to a point, now he just needs to make sure to not cross that and make it all about the money at the sacrifice of the sports and culture of the Pac-12.

What would you say have been the greatest accomplishments of Scott's first few years as Pac-12 commissioner, and what have been his greatest failings?

David Piper, Addicted to Quack: Two things. 1. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. 2. Every Pac-12 football and basketball game is now televised. It's astounding to think how badly Tom Hansen mismanaged this conference. I think back to when Oregon played ASU in 2007. At the time, it was a top five matchup. However, the TV games for that weekend had been preselected before the season, and that game wasn't one of them. Hansen was going to let that game go untelevised before ESPN was able to make a deal at the last minute. The exposure gained for this conference under Scott is as important as the money.

Sean Reynolds, Block U: I think the TV contract, after the abysmal one the conference had prior to the last couple of seasons, is obviously an achievement. It's changed the landscape of conference/media relations and filled the program coffers quite nicely.

Beyond the officiating, the continued absence of the Pac-12 Networks from DirectTV has to be one of the bigger failings.

Adam Butler, Pac Hoops: The Pac-12 Networks afforded every team a hefty sum of money and with that a hefty sum of coaching talent. The Networks also has terrific production value. I'm a fan.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: He's done a great job of bringing money in that has really helped programs and improving the conference's TV presence. As a failing, I would say it goes with getting games on TV and trying to not have them overlap with scheduling. Too many Thursday games and too many 7:30 and 8 pm games that aren't great for fans who actually go to games.