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Pac-12 Championship Game chances breakdown 11/14: seven Pac-12 teams still in the running

Stanford, Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, Arizona State, Arizona and USC all still have a shot at the Pac-12 Championship Game.

Stephen Lam


Controls own destiny

Stanford 8-1 (6-1)

All Stanford has to do to sew up the North is win their final two Pac-12 games, basically win at USC this Saturday, because their other remaining Pac-12 game is against Cal. So essentially, the North could pretty much be wrapped up as early as Saturday night.

Need help

Oregon 8-1 (5-1)

The Ducks put themselves at the mercy of the Cardinal in more way than one last Thursday and now have to hope that the Cardinal get upset at USC Saturday, or they are probably done, but if the Trojans upset Stanford, the Ducks are right back in it as long as they can win out.

Oregon State 6-3 (4-2)

The Beavers have really started to lose their heat as their schedule has toughened up, but they aren't dead in the North yet mathematically. If the Beavers can win out, which would include a win over Oregon, and the Ducks lose their other two remaining games and the Cardinal completely lose out, they will win the North.


Controls own destiny

Arizona State 7-2 (5-1)

The Bruins' schedule pitting them against the two big boys in the North (Stanford/Oregon) is the Sun Devils' gain as they control the South but they will still likely have to win out to win the division, including

UCLA 7-2 (4-2)

Even though the Bruins trail the Sun Devils, they still control their own destiny because they are only a game behind them and still have them on the schedule.

Needs help

USC 7-3 (4-2)

The Trojans have risen from the dead and now are right in the thick of the hunt for the Rose Bowl under Ed Orgeron. They still need a lot of help though, particularly from Arizona State. They are only a game behind the Bruins and have them in their finale, so they are fine with them, but they will need the Sun Devils to lose two out of their final three games since they cannot win a tie-breaker with them.

Arizona 6-3 (3-3)

The Wildcats need a lot of help. They need to have Arizona State completely lose out, have UCLA beat Arizona State and lose to Washington and USC and have USC beat UCLA and lose to Stanford and Colorado.