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Pacific Takes Pac-12 Power Rankings 11/14: Stanford takes over top spot in North

Each week we put together Pac-12 power rankings based on voting by Pac-12 fans.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports


1. Stanford 8-1 6-1 (#2 last week)

The Cardinal did the impossible again - toppling Oregon from the top. Now, can they beat USC this weekend and hold onto it?

2. Oregon 8-1 5-1 (#1 last week)

The Ducks had held onto the top spot comfortably all season, but now need help to get back up there.

3. Washington 6-3 3-3 (#3 last week)

The Huskies once again held onto the third spot over Oregon State, but things are going to get very interesting between the two teams in the next two weeks as they fight it out for the spot below Stanford and Oregon.

4. Oregon State 6-3 4-2 (#4 last week)

The Beavers' stock has been plummeting since their schedule strengthened and it remains extremely tough for the next three weeks.

5. Washington State 4-5 2-4 (#5 last week)

The Cougars need a win more than just about anybody in the conference right now but that's going to be tough this week as they head to Tucson.

6. Cal 1-9 0-7 (#6 last week)

It's very dark in Berkeley right now, but a game at Colorado this week could help and is almost assuredly their last chance to get a Pac-12 win this season.


1. Arizona State 7-2 5-1 (#1 last week)

The Sun Devils averted disaster in the snake pit that is Salt Lake City and now have three straight judgment day games against Oregon State, UCLA and Arizona.

2. UCLA 7-2 4-2 (#2 last week)

Yet another team that is entering the showdown section of their schedule and will be in absolute dogfights each week the rest of the season as they try to snatch the top spot from Arizona State.

3. USC 7-3 4-2 (#3 last week)

The Trojans are still laying in wait and have a very good chance at still taking the South.

4. Arizona 6-3 3-3 (#4 last week)

There is probably a big split between the top three and the bottom three of the conference as the Wildcats have already lost to UCLA and USC.

5. Utah 4-5 1-5 (#5 last week)

For as much respect as the Utes have gotten by being so competitive at home, they still lack the wins to make much noise in the power rankings.

6. Colorado 3-6 0-6 (#6 last week)

It might seem crazy, but the Buffs could easily win two of their last three and jump past Utah at the end of the season.