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Pac-12 bowl projections 11/19: Two Pac-12 teams still in BCS bowls

Stanford could still easily make a BCS bowl as long as they take care of business against Cal and Notre Dame.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rose Bowl - Oregon vs. Ohio State

I saw this one coming, as USC knocking off Stanford puts the Ducks back into Pac-12 Championship Game as long as they win their final two games and then they will host whoever comes out of the South - probably Arizona State or UCLA, both of whom I think they will beat if they face off. The Ducks should get very close to getting to the BCS Championship Game as I'm sure at least two of the Alabama/Florida State/Ohio State/Baylor pack will lose a game. Right now I would still bet that Alabama, Florida State and Ohio State win out though, keeping the Ducks in the Rose Bowl against an infinitely frustrated and undefeated Ohio State team.

Orange Bowl - Stanford vs. Clemson

The Cardinal probably blew their shot at the Rose Bowl, but will probably still get into a BCS bowl if they can beat Cal and Notre Dame as each conference can only send two teams to the BCS and the Big Ten and Big 12 will likely lack worthy secondary candidates and I still think Northern Illinois and Fresno State lose a game. The Cardinal could easily end up in the Sugar, Fiesta or Orange Bowl, but I think with the way that the automatic qualifying teams line up for the BCS bowls, this one would make the most sense.

Alamo Bowl - Arizona State vs. Texas

The South is very, very interesting at the top between Arizona State, UCLA and USC right now, but I'll give the edge to Arizona State since they already beat USC. I think the Big 12 gets Baylor and Oklahoma State into the BCS right now, so that would slide up the Big 12 teams and an overrated Texas team would get back to the Alamo Bowl.

Holiday Bowl - USC vs. Texas Tech

The Trojans are surging right now, but that early-season loss to Arizona State will haunt them and keep them out of the Pac-12 Championship Game. Still, I see them beating UCLA and getting the nod over the Bruins from the Holiday Bowl. Same as Texas, I think Texas Tech moves up due to two Big 12 teams getting into the BCS.

Sun Bowl - UCLA vs. Virginia Tech

The Bruins are a very good team to end up in the Sun Bowl, but if they get beat by either Arizona State or USC in their final two games, I think this is where they end up barring big upsets hitting USC or Arizona State. The ACC has a number of different teams that could end up here, and it probably won't be clear until after the regular season.

Las Vegas Bowl - Oregon State vs. Boise State

I think the winner of Saturday's Oregon State/Washington game ends up here and I think that will be the Beavers. I have been saying it the past month, but I think Boise State beats Fresno State in the Mountain West Championship Game and gets back to Vegas.

Fight Hunger Bowl - Washington vs. BYU

Beginning to think that this could be a similar situation to the Las Vegas Bowl, where the winner of the Apple Cup ends up getting here and even though Washington and Washington State seem to be going in opposite directions at the moment, I guess I will still put the Huskies here.

New Mexico Bowl - Washington State vs. San Diego State

The Cougars seemed to pry this bowl away from Arizona Saturday and now have the chance to do the same to Utah this Saturday, which I think they will. I could see a bunch of different Mountain West teams here, but right now the slot seems to be where the Aztecs will fall.

Poinsettia Bowl - Arizona vs. Fresno State

I think the Wildcats will stumble to 6-6 and could easily fall out of a bowl game, but I think a lack of mid-level options from the Big Ten and Big 12 will get them into an at-large bid. I think the Bulldogs fall to the Mountain West's second slot when they lose to Boise State in the Mountain West Championship Game.