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Pac-12 TV Guide Week 13: Time to decide the South

Each week Avinash Kunnath and Jack Follman break down the week's Pac-12 games and why you should watch them.


Game of the Week - Arizona State at UCLA - 4 PM FOX

AK - ASU is playing very very well to finish the season, but Pullman massacre aside, this is a team that still struggles to get going on the road. UCLA is very comfortable in the Rose Bowl (10-2 in the Jim Mora era), but they haven't beaten a ranked opponent yet this year. Something will give, and the winner should be on its way to Autzen.

JF - This one is one of the closest/hardest to pick Pac-12 games I can remember in a while and there is a ton on the line, and by a ton, I mean the South. These two teams are very, very similar and have fun quarterbacks and front sevens on defense to watch so expect a back-and-forth affair that might come down to who has the ball last and a last-second field goal for the second year in-a-row to decide the South.

2. Washington at Oregon State - 7:30 PM ESPN2

AK - The eternal battle for third in the North rages on between the Beavers and the Huskies. I have no idea who will win this one, but it's safe to say this is a must-win for Steve Sarkisian. The pressure is mounting.

3. JF - Another showdown between very similar teams fighting tooth-and-nail for leverage in their division. The Beavers have dominated the Huskies in Corvallis as of late, but I have a feeling that dam is going to burst and we will get a close one here that comes down to the wire with so much on the line for both teams. This should decide who finishes third in the North and goes to the Las Vegas Bowl.

3. Utah at Washington State - 12:30 Pac-12 Network

AK - Utah has faded toward the finish, so it looks likely Mike Leach will get the Cougars back to a bowl game.

JF - This is must-win for both teams if they hope to get to a bowl game and even though the Cougars seem like a lock to win coming off their upset win at Arizona and with homefield, the Utes still have a very good defense that can give the Cougars' attack problems. This could be the biggest game in Pullman for the Cougars in years.

4. Oregon at Arizona 12:30 PM ABC

AK - Arizona is one of the worst bowl-eligible teams in college football, but they were able to run up and down most of the field on Oregon last year. I say "most of the field" because they forgot the end zone part.

JF - This one seems like a slam dunk, typical Oregon blowout against a mid-tier Pac-12 team, but the Wildcats are in desperation mode and have the offensive firepower to score some points if they can run the ball. Also, keep an eye on how the Ducks use Marcus Mariota, because if he is limited on the ground, it might give the Wildcats some hope of keeping pace.

5. USC at Colorado - 6:30 PM Pac-12 Network

AK - Lane Kiffin would win this game 10-7. The Trojans might get caught looking ahead for a bit, but the talent disparity is sizable for this one.

JF - Sandwiched between home games with Stanford and UCLA, this one reeks to high heaven of trap game for the Trojans, but do the Buffs have the horses to compete? A crazy fact to also keep in mind - Colorado is still in the hunt for a bowl game if they can win this one.

6. Cal at Stanford 1 PM FOX Sports 1

AK - I might go for a bike ride. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm watching every minute of this. I would like to see us run The Play on every playcall.

JF - I'm sure that the Bears just want this season to be over and probably aren't looking forward to the Cardinal's bludgeoning attack, but hey, it's a rivalry game... you never know what could happen. Okay, Stanford will roll them 30-0.