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USC football: Is Ed Orgeron the right fit to be Trojans head coach?

Or do the Trojans deserve a better candidate?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Should USC hire Ed Orgeron as their next head coach? What if he demands it and he leaves (and they lose his excellent ability to recruit?)

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: If he beats UCLA then I think they should unless they can legitimately get a home run guy like Kevin Sumlin. If they don't give him the job, and he wants to be a head coach again, I think he is gone. Any school out West with an opening would be crazy not to offer him.

Chris Landon, UW Dawg Pound: Ed Orgeron should not be hired as the next USC coach. It is easy to look at his limited body of work and say "yes, he's our man". However, what happens when the emotion of moment wears off and Orgeron is confronted with his first slump? What if he gets the job tomorrow and then goes and lays eggs against UCLA? USC has the luxury of hiring just about anybody they like and they should be looking for somebody capable of building a dynasty. Orgeron has a ton of value, but he is not a master architect kind of guy.