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Pac-12 TV Guide Week 14: Rivalry games heat up the Pac-12 slate

Each week, Avinash Kunnath and Jack Follman break down the week's Pac-12 football slate and why you should watch each game.

Jeff Gross

Pac-12 Game of the Week - UCLA at USC - Saturday 5PM ABC

AK - A lot on the line even if nothing is on the line. The Trojans might be playing the best football out of anyone in the Pac-12. The Bruins have been the best second half team in the Pac-12. Could we have another multi-touchdown lead and comeback on our hands?

JF - This one should be fun even though the South is wrapped up. This could be the final audition for Ed Orgeron to get a real shot at the head coaching job and there is as much competition in this rivalry as there pretty much has ever been in recent history. These teams are also incredibly well-matched and I wouldn't be surprised if it turns into a fun, defensive slugfest.

2. Arizona at Arizona State - Saturday 6:30 PM Pac-12 Network

AK - This game was balls to the wall fun last year, and I expect it to be similar this week with spreading and shredding all over the place. ASU does want home field advantage too, so the Sun Devils will be heavily motivated to stay at home the next two weeks.

JF - This game always seems to be incredibly wild, with the underdog usually pulling it out. Both teams couldn't be flying high and assuredly want to carry that momentum into the bowl season, but only one will be able. This is sure to be a hard-fought battle.

3. Washington State at Washington - Friday 12:30 PM FOX

AK - The Huskies have beaten up on some bad to average teams to get their 7 wins. The Apple Cup should fall along similar lines. But the Cougars do match up well and will be motivated to keep the Apple Cup.

JF - These teams are hovering around the same level for the first time in a long time and there is a ton at stake for both - the Huskies need to win to get past the seven-win barrier that has held them down and the Cougars might need to win to guarantee a bowl trip. Both teams are coming in hot, but really struggled at times in 2013 so all bets are off on how each team will play, but bet on it being very competitive.

4. Notre Dame at Stanford - Saturday 4PM FOX

AK - Don't expect this game to be close regardless of win or loss. Stanford has nothing to play for this week, so expect them to call off the dogs early.

JF - I'm worried about this game for Stanford. The Irish randomly have played well against Pac-12 teams - beating Arizona State and USC and have the physical fronts to match the Cardinal and they don't mind mixing it up in a low-scoring battle. I think this one will be very close and possibly could come down to who makes field goals late or doesn't turn the ball over.

5. Oregon State at Oregon - Friday 4PM FOX Sports 1

AK - If Mariota is okay, Oregon should roll. But if he isn't, the Ducks are pretty much like any other Pac-12 team. But it feels like any other Pac-12 team could beat Oregon State now. The Beavers looked hapless against Washington and have been inept for a month.

JF - Both these teams are coming off their worst games in years and have to be in strange places mentally, but logic would say that the Ducks should still roll here against a Beaver team that has been struggling for weeks. Still, with the way the Ducks played last week and their apparent mentality right now, I wouldn't be surprised if the Beavers, who are long overdue to win this matchup, sneak up on them and make it close.

6. Colorado at Utah- Saturday 11 AM Pac-12 Network

AK - This might actually be a competitive game. Utah's defense has betrayed them in the past. Colorado has shown just enough punch in the last month to indicate they could win a few games next year. Look for a close one.

JF - This one seems like it should be an easy win for the Utes with how well they play at home, but they aren't the same team without Travis Wilson, so watch out for their mindset in this one. The Utes are still better than the Buffs, but neither team has anything to play for and getting to five wins would be a success for the Buffs while it wouldn't really matter for the Utes, so they may come out much more hungry.