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Pacific Takes Pac-12 Power Rankings Week 13 - Stanford back on top in the North

Each week we ask Pac-12 fans to rank the entire Pac-12.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


1. Stanford 9-2 7-2 (#2 last week)

Well that was quick. The Cardinal got themselves back into the top spot after a week off with a big help from Arizona.

2. Oregon 9-2 6-2 (#1 last week)

Another chink in the armor for the Ducks as they pretty much guaranteed that they should finish second in the North in the power rankings after getting blasted for the second time in three weeks.

3. Washington 7-4 4-4 (#4 last week)

The Huskies slaughtered the Beavers in Corvallis, but won't clinch this spot unless they can beat the Cougars in the Apple Cup.

4. Washington State 6-5 4-4 (#5 last week)

What have you done for me lately? The Cougars jumped the Beavers even though they have identical records and the Beavers beat them convincingly in Pullman.

5. Oregon State 6-5 4-4 (#3 last week)

It's getting ugly in Corvallis, the Beavers must now pull a huge upset in Eugene in the Civil War to avoid finishing here and risking not going to a bowl despite winning six games.

6. Cal 1-11 0-9 (#6 last week)

I think everyone involved with Cal is just glad that the season is finally over for the Bears.


1. Arizona State 9-2 7-1 (#1 last week)

The South belongs to the Sun Devils, now can they take the entire conference?

2. USC 9-3 6-2 (#3 last week)

Oh how things have changed in the past month or so. The Trojans are now ahead of the Bruins and can push them down even farther if they can win their showdown this week.

3. UCLA 8-3 5-3 (#2 last week)

The Bruins need to be careful, as a loss to USC would mean that they lost to every other ranked team in the conference this year, and will finish with just an above average season when they came into the season with very high expectations.

4. Arizona 7-4 4-4 (#4 last week)

It's hard to score a huge win like the one that the Wildcats got over the Ducks and not move up, but they did lose to both USC and UCLA so it's probably only fair.

5. Utah 4-7 1-7 (#5 last week)

The Utes are better than there record indicates, but they simply aren't quite at the level of the good teams in the Pac-12 yet. They need to make sure to beat Colorado to avoid ending their season on a terrible note though.

6. Colorado 4-7 1-7 (#6 last week)

Four wins is actually a solid improvement for the Buffs this year, but they have the chance to make their overall season somewhat successful if they can upset Utah in Salt Lake City.