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Pac-12 Bowl Projections 11/5: Oregon and Stanford in BCS Bowls

Ducks and Cardinal are steady but Bruins and Sun Devils are starting to head in different directions.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

BCS Championship Game - Oregon vs. Alabama

Another week goes by where this keeps looking like a possibility. I think most think that one of these teams might drop this week as the Crimson Tide take on LSU and the Ducks Stanford, but I have a feeling that they both will win those games more comfortably than expected. Also, I think even if all five of the undefeated BCS teams remaining run the table, I think these are the two that get in.

Rose Bowl - Stanford vs. Ohio State

I think the Cardinal should be able to run the table outside of a loss to Oregon and will comfortably make the BCS again with just two losses. This will be an especially interesting game, as I think the Buckeyes run the table for the second-straight season, but miss the BCS Championship Game due to the weakness of the Big Ten this season. They will be a very frustrated opponent in the Rose Bowl.

Alamo Bowl - Arizona State vs. Texas

With their dominance of the Washington schools and UCLA's recent struggles, the Sun Devils are starting to look like the class of the South Division. If Taylor Kelly and their front seven on defense keep playing the way they have, I wouldn't be surprised to see them run the table the rest of the season and get into the Pac-12 Championship Game as a Top 10 team and then go onto give the Ducks a much tougher game than expected. The Longhorns are similarly looking better each week, and could realistically end up in a BCS bowl if all goes right, but I think they will stumble at least once more along the way.

Holiday Bowl - UCLA vs. Kansas State

I don't think the Bruins win the South, but they will still end up being a very attractive bowl team, especially for one that is in Southern California, even if they laid an egg down there last year. The Big 12 falls off a major cliff after Texas Tech so they will get a very weak opponent in Kansas State who I think will be 6-6 and get bumped up a high spot than they should because the conference gets two teams into the BCS - Oklahoma and Baylor.

Sun Bowl - Oregon State vs. Virginia Tech

The Beavers stock is dropping a bit after their offense was bottled up in back-to-back weeks, but keep in mind that they were playing two of the best defenses in the entire nation in those games. Not that long ago I thought they might be destined for an Alamo Bowl return, but they have come back down to Earth and are now probably where they belong. The ACC is pretty mucky after the Florida State/Clemson/Miami pack so I could see a number of teams ending up here, but Hokies look like the most attractive draw right now with the way things fall.

Las Vegas Bowl - USC vs. Boise State

The Trojans are getting hot, but they will probably lose two out of their last three and are still a questionable team with an interim head coach and a fan base that is kind of disenchanted. Still, I think the Las Vegas Bowl would be a nice reward for the team if you consider the dire straits that they were in earlier in the season. I think this is the weakest Boise State team in a long time, but I still think that they will win a rematch with Fresno State in the Mountain West Championship Game and spare everyone from Fresno State getting into a BCS bowl.

Fight Hunger Bowl - Washington vs. BYU

I don't think the Huskies would be happy about ending up in this bowl, but unless they can upset either UCLA or Oregon State on the road, I think it is their destination. Unfortunately for them, they will get a BYU team will be pretty good for such a low-level bowl and who have already known their bowl destination for months. I imagine that Kyle Van Noy will give the Huskies questionable pass protection fits.

New Mexico Bowl - Arizona vs. Utah State

The Wildcats are already bowl eligible, but they have a very tough remaining schedule and aren't as appealing to bowl committees as programs like USC and Washington - both of whom they also lost to. The Mountain West has a lot of options here and if the Aggies are still around, they would be a great choice as they already gave two Pac-12 teams good games this season.