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Pacific Takes Pac-12 Power Rankings Week 14: Bruins overtake Trojans

Each week we ask Pac-12 fans to rank the Pac-12 teams in both divisions.

Stephen Dunn


1. Stanford 10-2 7-2 (#1 last week)

The Cardinal wrap up the regular season with a win over a Notre Dame to solidify their spot at the top of the North. For all of the hype and mystique of Oregon the past two seasons, the Cardinal have actually won the North two years-in-a-row now.

2. Oregon 10-2 7-2 (#2 last week)

The Ducks avoided near disaster by coming back to beat Oregon State, but regardless still would have finished in the top two.

3. Washington 8-4 5-4 (#3 last week)

The Huskies finally cemented themselves in the top half of the North, but immediately lost their coach upon doing so.

4. Oregon State 6-6 4-5 (#5 last week)

It was close between the Beavers and Cougars, but the Beavers got the nod, and rightfully so as they beat the Cougars in Pullman earlier in the season.

5. Washington State 6-6 4-5 (#4 last week)

Overall, it's been a really successful season for the Cougars and getting out of the basement of the North of for the first time in a very long time is a big deal.

6. Cal 1-11 0-9 (#6 last week)

The Bears' week off might have been their best week of the season.


1. Arizona State 10-2 8-1 (#1 last week)

The Sun Devils are just one win away from becoming the strongest overall team in the whole conference regardless of division.

2. UCLA 9-3 6-3 (#3 last week)

The Bruins may be disappointed about losing out on the top spot in the South, but have to feel good about pushing USC out of the second spot.

3. USC 9-4 6-3 (#2 last week)

The Trojans may have saved their season from complete embarrassment but LA still belongs to UCLA and so does the second spot in the South.

4. Arizona 7-5 4-5 (#4 last week)

A blowout loss to Arizona State soured the end of Arizona's season, but they are still quite a bit stronger than the two teams below them.

5. Utah 5-7 2-7 (#5 last week)

The Utes went into a tailspin after beating Stanford and showed that they probably aren't ready to get into the middle of the pack in the Pac-12 yet.

6. Colorado 4-8 1-8 (#6 last week)

It was a positive season for the Buffs, but not positive enough to get them out of the cellar.