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Pac-12 Basketball: 12 Pac - Pac-12 Box of Donuts

Pac-12 basketball teams have been so hard to categorize this year that they might compare more easily to a box of donuts than an athletic conference.

Douglas C. Pizac-USA Today Sports

It has been a strange few weeks in the Pac-12. Just when it looked like there was going to be some hierarchy returning to the conference, everything has pretty much been shaken up. Arizona, Oregon and UCLA all suffered upsets, Arizona State continues to be up and down and after being declared nearly dead, Colorado, Cal and Stanford are right back in the thick of things. Oh, and don't forget about USC coming to life and Washington plummeting out of nowhere.

Going along with all of the craziness, I'm keeping it going with some crazy comparisons and one that you generally get in allotments of 12 and answer the question of what kind of donut each basketball program in the Pac-12 compares to right now.

Arizona - Glazed - It is pretty hard to beat a glazed and it has pretty much everything you need in a donut, but something just isn't quite there to put it over the top and you can't figure out what it is.

Oregon - Krispy Kreme - The hype and marketing is huge and they have the best facilities of anyone and they are also very good.

UCLA - Sprinkled - Always looks really good and is generally one of the first to be picked, but always seems to let down and is more flair than flavor.

Arizona State - Danish - I'll admit, this is simply a Jonathan Gilling reference.

Colorado - Old fashioned - Got slept on for a long time but is really, really good and making a strong comeback.

USC - Lemon filled - Sweet, but sour at the same time and generally kind of a wild card and sneaks up on you and seems good for a while, but also leaves a bad aftertaste.

Cal - Maple bar - Solid, consistent, is never going to be on the top shelf, but will always be somewhere in the middle.

Stanford - Plain chocolate - Yeah, it's pretty good, but it's not that great.

Washington - Crumb - Falling apart more and more by the minute.

Oregon State - Plain - Not good and not really that interesting either and it has been that way for a long, long time.

Utah - Powdered - Not very good but has an occasional habit of screwing up the other donuts in the box.

Washington State - Brock Motum is a donut hole. He's great, but there needs to be something else around him to suffice.