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Pac-12 Basketball: Pac-12 NCAA Tournament Watch 2/19 - Arizona, Oregon and UCLA Locked In

Adam Butler and Jack Follman take a look at where the Pac-12 schools stand in regards to NCAA Tournament seeding with just a few weeks remaining in the regular season.

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Arizona 21-4 (9-4)

Adam's take - 2 seed - With lots of season remaining I still think Arizona is within striking distance of the two line. Could I be completely wrong? Yes. But bear in mind that the up and down nature of the other conferences leaves the gate open for the Wildcats to sneak back up in there.

Jack's take - 3 seed - It was just two weeks ago that it looked like the Wildcats had a great shot at being the first number one seed from the Pac-12/10 since UCLA in 2008. They haven't looked great in the last couple of weeks and will need to finish strong or they could risk slipping to a four or five seed.

Oregon 21-5 (10-3)

Adam's take - 3 seed - I'll make the same argument here as I did above as the Ducks have an auspicious remaining schedule and, arguably, an impending conference title. Bigger impending news? Dominic Artis' return.

Jack's take - 4 seed - The Ducks actually have the best in-conference resume of any team in the Pac-12 and even without Dominic Artis, they play so well, that they are a team I don't think anyone wants to face in the tournament. If they finish well and the Wildcats slip up, they could end up being the highest seeded Pac-12 team.

UCLA 19-7 (9-4)

Adam's take - 6 seed - The Bruins may not be having a great year by the standards established by their program's history, but they have talent and a resume that should garner them a seed that begins to scare the bejesus out of people.

Jack's take - 8 seed - I think they are actually right on the border between a lock and a bubble team after last week's blowout loss to Cal raised some serious questions. With the lack of respect that the Pac-12 has received the last couple of years, the Bruins still might need to boost their resume a bit before they are completely safe.

On the Bubble

Colorado 17-8 (7-6)

Adam's take - 11 seed - Another scary team if they can keep racking up wins to make their way into the dance. Spencer Dinwiddie is a dynamic force and appears to be coming in to his own as we hit the home stretch. If he can find himself a touch of consistent help on the offensive end, expect to see that seeding to get smaller.

Jack's take - 11 seed - I really like Colorado and think that they could once again make a major statement in the Pac-12 Tournament. Right now, they still need a little bit of a boost to assure themselves a bid, but their record and good wins over Arizona, Colorado State and at Baylor should be enough to get them in.

Cal 16-9 (8-5)

Adam's take - 11 seed - They're hot right now and the committee loves hot. They've racked up wins against the conference's three best teams and, well, that bodes really well for them. They still have work to do to stay inside the bubble, but as of right now: Dancing.

Jack's take - NIT - This seemed impossible not that long ago, but suddenly the Bears are maybe the hottest team in the conference. They don't have any good out-of-conference wins but they have wins over the top three teams in the conference and a very good in-conference record. They have very little room for error, but if they can close with only another loss or two the committee will have to give them a long look.

Arizona State 19-7 (8-5)

Adam's take - NIT - That soft non-conference could very well haunt the Sun Devils on judgment day. They hold a solid win over UCLA and a CU sweep, but their overall body of work leads one to believe the committee will have them on the outside looking in. That said, they still have games against UCLA and Arizona by which they can play their way in.

Jack's take - NIT - The Sun Devils have a good record overall and in-conference and good wins over UCLA and two over Colorado, but right now, I just don't see the committee selecting five Pac-12 teams unless they really have to and the Sun Devils will have to do a little more to force them to do that. If they don't they will be a top seed in the NIT.

Hanging by a thread

Stanford 15-11 (6-7)

Adam's take - NIT - This is one thin thread as a home sweep does not bode well for your tournament chances down the home stretch. They have the talent and ability to dance but swiftly their resume is suggesting otherwise.

Jack's take - NIT - Getting swept at home by the LA schools last week probably buried them, but if they can run the table or maybe lose just one game the rest the season along with making some noise in the Pac-12 Tournament, they might have a shot without an automatic bid.

Washington 14-12 (6-7)

Adam's take - NIT - The fact that the Huskies have played their way into the NIT is relatively impressive. Considering they hold home losses to Albany, Nevada and Utah I think they've done a fair job in Pac-12 play. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been great, certainly bad for stretches, but they've arguably done better in than expected in conference play.

Jack's take - NIT - Same as Stanford, I think the final nail in the coffin was driven in last week, but if the Huskies can run the table from here and do some damage in the Pac-12 Tournament they might have a shot. However, if they finish poorly, they might not even make the NIT.