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Pac-12 Basketball: Super Bowl Weekend

The Harbowl is going to cause minimal attendance in Palo Alto on Sunday but that shouldn't stop you from a solid slate this Saturday.

Ezra Shaw

Oof, lots of FSN today which makes general viewing difficult. But some people really enjoy a treasure hunt and so to them I encourage them to go for it. Bravo. Whatever you do - and I know this is a Pac-12 blog and we are Pac-12 fans - make sure to catch that Michigan-Indiana game. Should be legit. There's also that Super Bowl thing.


Colorado @ Utah, 11:30am, FSN: I won't venture to call this thing a trap game. Tad and his staff have had a week to prepare coming off their sweep of the Bay schools and, frankly, there's really no room for anything remotely resembling a let down anymore for Colorado. But the hosting Utes have shown significant glimpses of toughness and are capable of knocking off good teams as they manage to slow the pace and minimize possessions. However, that style just might play into Colorado's favor. Can't see this "rivalry" game coming out rosy for the Utes.

Oregon @ Cal, 1:30pm, FSN: I was nearly bribed into going to this game but I have a buddy in town and so instead I'll wind up in a bar. My initial reaction would be that this could be a pretty spicy game; Cal has some talented parts and Oregon has shown flashes of vulnerability. But Cal just isn't good enough. They're too dependent on Allen Crabbe and Justin Cobbs is looking increasingly more like a man disinterested in this season. Not good. Toss in the fact that Oregon was destroyed in Palo Alto and is hungry to taste victory again, I don't think things bode well for the Bears.

Arizona State @ Washington, 6pm, ESPNU: This one really interests me. The Huskies are riding a cool four game losing streak while ASU just continues to win ball games. I haven't the slightest clue what HecEd will be like tonight - Will the fans keep supporting a perceived loser? - but I do imagine the Dawgs would like to try winning again. Can they? Gosh, I really don't know. They don't execute well, they're thin, and they have absolutely no momentum. But they have CJ Wilcox and that has to count for something. Meanwhile I get the impression the Sun Devils have to come back down to earth at some point but the more I see of them the more convinced I am that they are for real. Just how real I'm not quite sure.

Arizona @ Washington State, 7pm, P12N: The Cats grabbed a coveted road win on Thursday and make the treacherous voyage to Pullman to face the Fighting Brocks. The Cougars' season is a tough one to make much of. They're not very good and have had these bouts of gross ineffectiveness that really just solidify them as the not very good team they are. Which leads me to another question: Who is Arizona? It hasn't all come together for the Cats in awhile begging the question of whether they're as good as some expect or assume. Whatever the case, they're 18-2 and I'm guessing the general consensus is you don't really want to play the Wildcats if you had the choice.


Oregon State @ Stanford, 12pm, P12N: Harbowl.