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Pac-12 Basketball: 12 Pac: Pac-12 Basketball Mid-Season Awards

Jack Follman and Adam Butler hand out a dozen awards for the best performers in the first half of the Pac-12 season.


Player of the Year

Adam - Jahii Carson Arizona State - Has been a program changer and has the Sun Devils competing at levels they haven't since James Harden was running things.

Jack - Mark Lyons Arizona - Lyons has put the Wildcats over the top and has made them a Final Four contending team as opposed to just a good Pac-12 team. He's the leader and the best player on the best team in the conference right now.

Coach of the Year

Adam - Dana Altman Oregon - I want to be clear here: it's not that his team has exceeded expectations or anything like that. He's managed to get his team to play the best most consistently. He too has quickly changed that program and it's been nothing short of impressive to watch.

Jack - Dana Altman Oregon - Outside of their one tough week in the Bay Area, no team has simply played better than the Ducks.

Freshman of the Year

Adam - Jahii Carson Arizona State - Wow.

Jack - Jahii Carson Arizona State - Carson isn't the only piece of the Sun Devils turnaround, but he is the biggest and might be the most valuable single player to any team in the conference.

Senior Award (Not MVP, but a senior who is an all-around leader and heart and soul of his team)

Adam - Carrick Felix Arizona State - This guy was just kinda OK last year. I mean his team won 10 games. This year the senior upped his Ortg by nearly 20 percentage points, he's shooting at a nearly 60% effective FG% (up from 50% last year) and doubled his rebounding numbers. Oh, and his team is 17-5.

Jack - E.J. Singler Oregon - Singler is the guy who was there for the recent dark days of Duck hoops, so he's mentally tough and does everything well along with being one of the most underrated defenders in the country.

Most Improved Player

Adam - Dwight Powell Stanford - Granted the big Canuck has long been expected to be a big of a sleeping giant but this year he's certainly appeared to turn that corner. His 15/8/2 are significantly improved from last year's 6/5/1 and I think he's really a season away from really blowing up.

Jack - Aziz N'Diaye Washington - He is still far from a perfect player, but N'Diaye has finally become a defensive force and is the main reason that the Huskies are actually stopping teams for the first time in a long time.

International Big Man of the Year

Adam - Brock Motum Washington State - Some award must, has to, can't not be given to Brock Motum. Going to miss that dude's game.

Jack - Brock Motum Washington State - It seems like every team in the conference has a couple of 6'9 plus international guys and Motum is the best of the bunch though there is a lot of competition.

Pac-12 ref call of the Year

Jack - Colorado's "buzzer beater" - I imagine that Colorado fans are still blaming this on derailing their season.

Adam - Colorado's "buzzer beater" - Still surprised there weren't more Sabatino hair references surrounding that one.

Non-story that became a story award

Jack - Shabazz Muhammad's Gucci or whatever it was backpack. Seriously, people were talking about a backpack.

Adam - Craig Robinson's involvement in the election. Dude's just supporting his sister. Seemed like a chance for every sports writer to prove he knew when election day was.

Actually making me miss Steve Physioc award

Jack - Bill Walton - I really forgot how much I hated listening to him announcing games and forced Jerry Garcia references.

Adam - The Cab fair I shelled out for Saturday night racing bar-to-bar in a quest for the Pac-12 Network.

The Very, very poor man's Glen Davis award

Jack - Joe Burton - It seems like Oregon State really likes to harbor unorthodox big men for some reason.

Adam - Joe Burton - This award was made to reference Joe Burton.

The very large brothers that could be villains in a Die Hard movie award

Jack - The Bachynski's - And it looks like Jordan would be the leader.

Adam - The Wear's - The movie would be called Die Hard 13: Monozygotic Mother Bruin.

Enemy of the Year award

Jack - Time Warner Cable - I pay for a sports package that for some reason doesn't come with ESPNU and would cost $6 extra for that one channel!?!?

Adam - San Diego State - San Diego State. Until Arizona barely beat them, they'd defeated Pac-12 schools in 714 consecutive games. Ok, truth be told it was seven straight but that's a lot for an MWC school. No more.