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Pac-12 Basketball: 12 Pac: The Pac-12 All-International Team

The Pac-12 is loaded with quality international players this year. Who are the 12 best?


The Pac-12 has been blessed with a massive amount of international players that are making a big impact on the conference this year, but if you could only pick just 12, which would they be?

F Brock Motum Sr. Washington State (Australia)

If it weren't for the Cougars lackluster record, Motum would be a top candidate for Pac-12 Player of the Year and is far and away the most skilled of any of the foreign players in the conference this year. The big Australian plays that kind of inside-outside game that European big men popularized in the late-90s and early 2000s and does everything for the Cougars.

C Aziz N'Diaye Sr. Washington (Senegal)

The best 7-footer in the conference this year, N'Diaye has turned the Huskies into a formidable foe on defense and has even patched up his offense game a bit to make himself a threat. There might not be a better shot-blocking presence out West this season.

F Dwight Powell Jr. Stanford (Canada)

The big Canadian might be the best player on a sneak-solid Stanford team that I think can make a good run in the second half of the season. Powell is a great all-around player who can score, rebound and block shots.

F Arsalan Kazemi Sr. Oregon (Iran)

Kazemi is one of the key pieces that changed Oregon from being just a decent team and turned them into a championship contending team. He can score inside when he needs to, limits mistakes and is great on the boards.

C Jordan Bachynski Jr. Arizona State (Canada)

He is literally the biggest guy in the conference who makes a difference, and it is quite a difference that he makes. Averaging four blocks per game, Bachynski is a big reason why the Sun Devils are suddenly competing for a tourney bid.

C Angus Brandt Sr. Oregon State (Australia)

Unfortunately for the Beavers, Brandt is injured as the 6'10 center is an intriguing weapon with his outside shooting abilities and size.

F Jonathan Gilling So. Arizona State (Denmark)

It's not often that you have a standout player from Denmark in the conference and while Gilling isn't a star, he's a great outside shooter and can rebound and pass the ball.

G Dexter Kernich-Drew So. Washington State (Australia)

He may be the first guy on the list that isn't really a Pac-12 level starter yet, but Kernich-Drew is also the only guard on the list so there's that.

F Olaf Schaftenaar Fr. Oregon State (Netherlands)

The younger brother of former Beaver standout Roeland Schaftenaar, Olaf is young and just starting to get playing time for the Beavers.

C Dallin Bachynski So. Utah (Canada)

Jordan's younger brother, Dallin isn't quite as big as his older brother, but is starting to look like he could be a serious contributor the Utes down low in the years to come.

C Omar Oraby Jr. USC (Egypt)

Like Kazemi, Oraby transferred from Rice and has immediately made an impact. Oraby comes off the bench, but is a solid scorer, rebounder and shot blocker for the Trojans.

C Ruslan Pateev Sr. Arizona State (Russia)

Pateev has been overshadowed by Bachynski, but is still serviceable off the bench for the Sun Devils.