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Pac-12 Basketball: Arrival at the Semifinals

After two days of remarkably competitive basketball, we've arrived at four. A classic rivalry will begin the evening while Cinderella's slipper will be tested late.

Kazemi showed up late. But he showed up.
Kazemi showed up late. But he showed up.
Josh Holmberg-US PRESSWIRE

Pac-12 Semifinals

#4 Arizona vs. #1 UCLA, 6pm, P12N - This is what it's all about. Well sort of. Intrinsic to the title of this game - "Semi" - it can't be completely what it's all about but to have the two most storied programs in the conference with already little love loss between them square off is our (the fans) dream. Arizona will be looking to exact revenge as they've been swept this season by the Bruins. A key to exacting such would be an improved shooting output from Mark Lyons and - compared to last game in Pauley - an appearance from Solomon Hill (just 2-7 afield). Of course the Bruins' key will be to continue to get production from their star, Shabazz Muhammad. He's great. But the true Wildcat killer has been Larry Drew II. Putting up 11 points and 9 assists and two wins against Arizona likely has a lot to do with my Sean Miller felt LD2 could have been Pac-12 POY

#3 Oregon vs. #10 Utah, 8:30pm, ESPN - The Utes are crashing the party and I'm ok with that. They play hard and have been managing to minimize mistakes and take advantage of perhaps some tighter teams. Lead by seniors Jarred DuBois and Jason Washburn, this is starting to look the part of a team-o-destiny. But the Oregon Ducks might have something to say about that. They look to have rediscovered their swag as they put the Huskies away in overtime. That effort was lead by Arsalan Kazemi who had been struggling prior to arrival in Vegas. He's a key component to the Ducks' success. Also been fun to see EJ Singler have a solid farewell tournament.