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Last Minute Pac-12 NCAA Tournament Watch

Where will Oregon, UCLA and Arizona be seeded and will Colorado and Cal make it in?

Jeff Gross

They're In

Oregon 26-8 (12-6)

6 seed

Technically the Ducks are the only team that are truly securely in the tournament with their Pac-12 Tournament title and of the three best teams in the conference this year (Oregon, UCLA, Arizona), they needed it the most. The Ducks were a potential bubble team if they hadn't been able to pull off their overtime win against Washington, but now have a chance to be the best-seeded team in the conference. I think the championship will be enough to get them out of the dreaded 7-10 range where you have to play a 1 or 2 seed in the second round, but their overall resume won't be enough to get them better than a 6.

Arizona 25-7 (12-6)

5 seed

The Wildcats may have only won one game in the tournament, but proving that they could beat a good team like Colorado and go toe-to-toe with UCLA was big for Wildcats who have a great non-conference resume, but had looked truly mediocre for the last couple of months. The Wildcats' big out-of-conference wins and great overall record will give them some serious points and keep them in the 4-5 range.

UCLA 25-9 (13-5)

7 seed

The loss of Jordan Adams is devastating for the Bruins as it likely cost them the Pac-12 Tournament Championship and will probably be taken into account by the selection committee. Adams might be even more valuable to the Bruins than Shabazz Muhammad, and because of his absence, I think the committee will decide to put the Bruins on the lesser end of the spectrum of where they could be seeded.

On the bubble

Colorado 21-11 (10-8)

9 seed

The Buffs kind of righted their wrong of getting beat by Oregon State in the regular season finale, by downing the Beavers in the first round of the Pac-12 Tournament, but they probably needed another win to truly secure their spot in the tournament. I think their controversial loss to Arizona in the Pac-12 season opener will be factored in though and the Buffs have a solid enough resume to earn an 8 or 9 seed.

Cal 20-11 (12-6)

11 seed

Two-straight losses to non-NCAA Tournament teams is never a good way to end the season and, because of their losses to Stanford and Utah in the Pac-12 Tournament, I think the Bears will be the only Pac-12 team that is truly sweating it out today. I think it will be next to impossible to not include the Bears though on the strength of their play against the top teams in the conference, as they went 4-1 against the top three teams in the conference. However, they haven't done much outside of that and much of their clout was coming from the fact that they were as hot as anyone in the country up until a couple of weeks ago. Also, knowing that the committee seems to leave out a Pac-12 team that deserves to be in each season, I am a little bit worried about the Bears.