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Pac-12 Basketball Underclassmen: Who is going, who is staying?

The Pac-12 has a number of underclassmen who will be contemplating declaring for the NBA Draft early in the near future.


With the season now close to over, the next focus for Pac-12 fans will be finding out which talented underclassmen will be coming back for at least another year and which ones are heading off to the NBA. While it hasn't yet returned to the glut of talent that the conference had in the mid to late 2000s when the Pac-12 regularly sent a number of underclassmen to the NBA Draft, this season feels like the first time in a long time that the conference has a hearty helping of players who have to at least be considering jumping to the draft early.

Jordan Adams Fr. G UCLA

Adams' season-ending injury in the Pac-12 Tournament probably seals the deal that he will be returning for the Bruins next season, but he is definitely a guy with some serious NBA potential with his ball skills and big body for a shooting guard. Adams would likely be a second round draft pick if he declared even with the injury.

Stay or go?

Stay - Adams could move himself into the first round if he can step up with Shabazz Muhammad around and needs to recover from his foot injury so he will almost assuredly come back.

Kyle Anderson Fr. F UCLA

Anderson was one of the top-rated incoming freshmen in the country last year, and while he was a good player for the Bruins this season, he was far from a star. However, Anderson's 6'8 235 frame and nice all-around game could make him an ideal small forward at the next level and NBA teams have assuredly noticed. Anderson's body and smooth game would probably get him taken in the early second round already and maybe even the late first round if he worked out well enough.

Stay or go?

Stay - Anderson hasn't proved much yet, and like Adams, he can show a lot next season with more opportunities to score without Muhammad around so I expect him to return.

Jordan Bachynski Jr. C Arizona State

I haven't heard much buzz about Bachynski's NBA potential but I have to think it is there. There just aren't many guys out there who are 7'2 and Bachynski broke the single-season blocks record for the Pac-12 this year. I have a hard time thinking that a center with his size and defensive ability would last long in the second round if he chose to declare this year.

Stay or go?

Stay - I think Bachynski will realize that he needs another year simply to get the attention that he deserves as he could easily be a first round draft pick if he can create enough hype around him and it will probably take another season to do that.

Jahii Carson Fr. G Arizona State

The Pac-12 Co-Freshman of the Year had one of the most impressive first years in conference history as he nearly led the Sun Devils to the NCAA Tournament just a year after finishing last in the conference. He's ultra athletic, can score, pass, defend and even rebound, but the problem is that he is only 5'10. Carson would be a guaranteed lottery pick if he was just a few inches taller, but even at his limited size, Carson is a guy who I think could be a late first round draft pick this year.

Stay or go

Stay - The thing with guys at Carson's size is that they have a ceiling of how high they will ever get drafted no matter what they do in college so I think he might surprise people and declare with that in mind (And since he redshirted. he is a year older than most freshman), still I think he comes back for at least one more year.

Allen Crabbe Jr. G Cal

The Pac-12 Player of the Year has a smooth offensive game that already looks perfect for the NBA with his ability to his mid-range jumpers and get to the basket. Crabbe is a pure scorer with the perfect body for an NBA shooting guard. Right now he looks like he could be a late first round or early second round draft pick if he declares, but he is also the kind of guy who I could see going to draft camp, excelling and raising his stock to lottery level.

Stay or go?

Go - Crabbe has already won Pac-12 Player of the Year, made the NCAA Tournament twice and won the regular season conference championship so there isn't much left for him to accomplish in college. Also, has become a bit of an afterthought because of Cal's success since, but you still have to wonder how great his relationship is with Mike Montgomery after the infamous push earlier in the season.

Dewayne Dedmon Jr. C USC

Dedmon isn't an outstanding player, but he is an athletic seven footer and well, the NBA is always in need of athletic seven footers. His offensive skills are very limited, but he can block shots and rebound and that's pretty much all he would need to do at the next level. I wouldn't guarantee it, especially after his recent run-in with the law in Spokane, but I think Dedmon could go somewhere later in the second round if he declares.

Stay or go?

Go - Dedmon ended his season pre-maturely by supposedly getting into a fight in Spokane after the Trojans' regular season finale a couple of weeks ago, so it's unlikely whoever becomes the new coach at USC will be begging to have him come back.

Spencer Dinwiddie So. G Colorado

Dinwiddie actually have the highest draft stock out of anyone in the conference after Muhammad as you simply don't see 6'5 guards who can run the point very often, especially ones that are as good as Dinwiddie. Colorado's leading scorer, Dinwiddie is similar to a lot of the combo guards you seen in the NBA that can score and distribute and because of that he would almost assuredly be a first round draft pick if he declares this year.

Stay or go?

Stay - A breakout year next year could take Dinwiddie from a borderline first round pick to a guaranteed lottery pick so he will likely give it at least one more season in Boulder.

Shabazz Muhammad Fr. F UCLA

Muhammad has pretty much been a guaranteed Top 10 draft pick pretty much before he even showed up at UCLA and if anything, he lowered his stock just a tiny bit over the course of his freshman season.

Stay or go?

Go - Muhammad is the only guy I can ever remember in the Pac-12 to declare for the draft during the season.

Dwight Powell Jr. C Stanford

Powell has the most immediate NBA potential of any big man in the conference this year. The 6'10 Canadian product is big, athletic and can rebound while also having good offensive skills. He would probably be a borderline first round draft pick this year as he is a tiny bit of a tweener.

Stay or go?

Stay - The opposite of Muhammad, Powell has already stated his intention to return for his senior season.

Andre Roberson Jr. F Colorado

Nearly the nation's leading rebounder, Roberson is one of the best 6'7 guys on the boards to come around in a long time and combine that with being the best defender in the Pac-12 and offensive skill and he is the full package. The only thing that holds back Roberson's NBA stock a bit though is that size, as he is kind of a power forward in a small forward's body and that might make some teams hesitant. Still, I would be surprised if teams let him get out of the first round if he declared this year.

Stay or go?

Stay - I think Roberson has to be very, very tempted to go after the year that he had, but I would think that those close to him might advise him to come back for his senior year and develop his offensive perimeter skills as much as he can to show that he could play either power forward or small forward at the next level if need be. If he can do that, he is a lottery pick.

Kaleb Tarczewski Fr. C Arizona

He wasn't prolific in his first season of college basketball, but Tarczewski already plays a bit like an NBA center and at 7'0 255 and strong, his body almost automatically makes him a first round pick whenever he decides to declare.

Stay or go?

Stay - Tarczewski really just needs one more year to develop a better offensive game and make more of an impact and his stock will soar to that of a Top 5/10 draft pick and I'm sure he knows that.

J.T. Terrell Jr. G USC

I haven't seen many talk about Terrell jumping to the NBA, but his high-flying, hair-trigger game may be better suited for the NBA than college and he seems like he has the kind of confidence to try and make it happen sooner rather than later. Terrell is a bit of a tweener at 6'3 as he is a little small for a shooting guard but doesn't have the handle or mindset yet that you would like to see in a point guard. Still, with his pure scoring ability, I could see him being a guy who goes to the pre-draft camp and works his way into the draft.

Stay or go?

Stay - I'm sure Terrell's decision will have a lot to do with how much whoever takes over as USC's coach wants him to stick around, but I also think that he knows that if he can come back and average 17 or 18 points a game next season and that he can guarantee himself getting drafted by doing that.

C.J. Wilcox Jr. G Washington

Wilcox is one of the best shooters in the conference and can really fill it up when he is on. He also added a nice mid-range game this year and showed that he can be the leading scorer on a team. Wilcox has been inconsistent the last two seasons though as he has battled foot injuries and he is a little slight for an NBA shooting guard around 185 pounds. Regardless, guys who can shoot as good as Wilcox are always a hot commodity in the NBA so he would likely be drafted if he declares with the very outside chance to become a late first round pick.

Stay or go?

Stay - This is a really tough call and I think depends on the nature of Wilcox' foot injuries. If they are something that is going to be persistent, I think he declares because he might as well start getting paid to play basketball as soon as he can. If they aren't, I think he comes back, especially because Lorenzo Romar really, really needs him to, as the Huskies could easily slip down to the bottom of the conference if he doesn't.