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March Madness Commercials That Need To Die

For fun - Since they play the same commercials over and over during the tournament, what is your least favorite perpetually played commercial of the 2013 NCAA Tournament? Provide YouTube link if you can.


Matt Takimoto, Addicted to Quack - The AT&T "Kids Say Funny Things" commercials, because they're so clearly and painfully scripted. Kids don't actually talk like that; they're either more or less coherent. But when adults try and write like how they think kids talk, it enters this sad and unfunny middle ground, where it's stupid but not cute, and totally pointless.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes - Someone had already beat me to the punch with annoying AT&T kids commercials. Nothing worse than kids trying to act like kids, but at least they got rid of the one with the obnoxious kid talking about the flat-screen TV in the tree house.

I'll have to go with the Subaru one where the puppy grows into an old dog because it closes by claiming that "It's not everyday that you find a partner as loyal as a Subaru." How is a car loyal Subaru? Please explain, wouldn't someone who spends tens of thousands of dollars on the same kind of car more than once actually be loyal? This one also pisses me off because it pulls the emotional rug out from under you as just when you are starting to connect the the guy and his dog it unloads corporate bullshit on you.

NorCalNick, California Golden Blogs: Honestly, I'm just thrilled to have a break from the much worse commercials that air constantly on the Pac-12 network. No more boxing models, no more confusing statements like "What if the next big thing isn't a thing at all?" and no more reminders that Stanford is a university that exists. VIVA CBS!