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Pac-12 NCAA Tournament Watch 3/6

Pacific Takes' Adam Butler and Jack Follman speculate where Pac-12 teams would be seeded in the NCAA Tournament if it started today.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

They're in

Arizona 23-6 (11-6)

Jack's take - 4 seed - Boy, this might be a friendly seed for them too right now as most of why they would be seeded this high is from success they had months ago. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up to see them get seeded a couple of slots worse than they expect come selection day.

Adam's Take - 5 seed - The Wildcats haven't showed much by way of beating Pac-12 teams ahead of them in the rankings and in their coming games (namely the Pac-12 tournament) they're going to have to do just that. And it this juncture, I'm not entirely sure they'll be able to.

Oregon 23-6 (12-4)

Adam's take - 5 seed - Artis' return has the makings of rejuvenating an offense that hasn't necessarily lacked in his absence but that could be better. I love seniors, to a fault, and could really see EJ Singler carrying this group to a big sweep this weekend and a dainty run through Vegas.

Jack's take - 6 seed - Most don't seem to give the Ducks this good of a seed right now, but I think the return of Dominic Artis is going to boost their stock.

UCLA 22-7 (12-4)

Adam's take - 6 seed - Lovely sweep of the Arizonas and while I've long waited for the Bruins to be more unpredictable, for the most part, they've won on. They'll be faced with a very interesting challenge on UW's senior day this Saturday which could prove to be limiting to the Bruins' chances of climbing too high up the seedings.

UCLA 22-7 (12-4)

Jack's take - 6 seed - It was a big wig for the Bruins with two big wins over the Arizona schools. They are the most talented team in the conference and I could easily see them turning it on and ending up with the best seed of anyone in the Pac-12.

On the bubble

Cal 20-9 (12-5)

Jack's take - 7 seed - They are about as close to being secure as I think you can be while still being on the bubble, but with nine losses, I think they still have to be careful. I think they clinch their berth if they can beat Stanford this week though and seriously test the waters of a Top 6 seed.

Adam's take - 8 seed - I think it's time to start calling Cal a good team and not just a hot team. Of course that could all change - as things do in March - with a home loss in The Big Game. But the fact remains that going 10-1 over their last 11 has been bid garnering, not just cute.

Colorado 19-9 (9-7)

Adam's take - 9 seed - The Buffs are dancing for the second consecutive year. They're also a much scarier team in the Dance this time around. Unless they draw a number one seeded Kansas Jayhawks in the second round. Awkward.

Jack's take - 10 seed - Another team that I think is very close to clinching their spot, I think the Buffs are secure if they can beat either Oregon school this week and can get up into the 7-8 range if they can take both games.

Arizona State 20-10 (9-8)

Adam's take - NIT - The Sun Devils' fate was sealed with their home loss to Washington. The LA trip was going to be a tough one regardless but that one really hurt them. Now it's time to hope Jahii stays - or gets super hot in Vegas.

Arizona State 20-10 (9-8)

Jack's take - NIT - It was a heartbreaking week for the Sun Devils as they needed to at least get a split in LA and the loss to USC really hurts their cause. Now they pretty much have to win in Tucson on Saturday to have a realistic shot at an at-large bid.