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2013 Pac-12 All-NBA Team

Who are the 12 best Pac-12 alums in the NBA right now?

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Last year around this time, we published which 12 NBA players would make up a team if you could only select players who are Pac-12 alumni. Since so much changes over the course of a year in the NBA, we decided to update it to 2013.


C Brook Lopez Brooklyn Stanford

Lopez has bounced back exceptionally well after missing almost all of 2011-12 and has returned to being one of the best centers in the league. Lopez averages nearly 20 points-per-game and seven rebounds while having a career best 2.1 blocks per-game for the very good Nets.

PF Kevin Love Minnesota UCLA

It has been a tough past couple of years for Love who has really battled injuries the past two seasons along with playing for a hapless franchise. Love played in only 18 games this season, but averaged 18 points and a whopping 14 rebounds.

SF Arron Afflalo Orlando UCLA

Afflalo was having his best statistical year as a pro before going down with injury, as he stepped up his scoring in his first season away from Denver. Afflalo is probably also the best defender of any current NBA player who is a Pac-12 alum.

SG James Harden Houston Arizona State

Harden may not play for a title contender anymore, but he has shown what he can do as an alpha dog as he stepped up his scoring from 16 points-per-game to 26. Harden isn't shooting as well as he did with the Thunder, but he is shooting more and is one of the best pure scorers in the league.

PG Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City UCLA

Westbrook might be the best overall player of any of the Pac-12 alums with Love struggling with injuries and he is one of the leaders of one of the best teams in the league. Westbrook has also improved his rebounding and passing this year while keeping his scoring steady without taking any more shots.


PG Jrue Holiday Philadelphia UCLA

Holiday quietly puts up some great numbers with 17 points, eight assists and four rebounds a game but unfortunately he plays for a really bad team. Holiday could get some serious accolades if he ever plays for a true contender.

SG Andre Igoudala Denver Arizona

It was actually a tough decision between Afflalo and Igoudala for starter as they are both really good, very similar players - case in point that Igoudala basically fills Afflalo's role for the Nuggets now. The difference is though that Igoudala no longer scores as well as Afflalo, but that also might have to do with the fact that he plays for a better team.

PF Ryan Anderson New Orleans Cal

Another guy who quietly puts up really good numbers for a bad team that can fill up a box score. Anderson certainly isn't an intimidator down low, but he is one of the best shooting big men in the league right now and can rebound a bit.

SG DeMar DeRozan Toronto USC

Man, becoming a broken record for these Pac-12 alums... good player, good numbers but bad team. DeRozan is an athletic scorer who toils in Canadian obscurity but could be a borderline star for the right team.

SG Klay Thompson Golden State Washington State

Thompson upped his scoring from 12 points-per-game to 16 points-per-game this season and is quickly becoming one of the more promising perimeter scorers in the league and he actually plays for a good team with a relatively bright future.

SG O.J. Mayo Dallas USC

Mayo may not be the best overall player in the league, but he can score and has had a bit of a career resurgence in Dallas after starting to flounder a bit towards the end of his time in Memphis. He would be a great guy to have on your bench that can score in bunches when needed.

PF Nikola Vucevic Orlando USC

It is pretty surprising that Vucevic is one of the few players in the league that average a double-double as he puts up 12 points and 11 rebounds a game for the moribund Magic. Even with his superb numbers though, the fact that Vucevic is one of the five best big men from the Pac-12 shows that the conference struggles to produce top flight centers and power forwards.