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Post-Spring Pac-12 Quarterback Competition Review

More than half of the programs in the Pac-12 went into Spring practice with uncertainty at quarterback, and for many, that uncertainty still remains.

Harry How

I can't remember a year in recent Pac-12 history where there has been more uncertainty at the quarterback position around the conference during heading into Spring practice. With more than half of the conference's spots at least somewhat being up for grabs, QB was the most watched position of any this year.

With Spring having come and gone, it's now time to take a look at where the quarterback depth at schools where it has been in question might rest at the moment.


Projected depth

1. Keith Price 2. Cyler Miles 3. Jeff Lindquist

It wasn't really a competition, but many were speculating that two-year starter and senior Keith Price's starting position wasn't rock solid going into the Huskies' spring practice this year. That speculation has largely been put to bed though after spring practice as Price was solid and none of the other candidates made a major statement.

Washington State

Projected depth

1. Connor Halliday 2. Austin Apodaca

This was similar to Washington's situation, where Halliday, like Price, had a handle on the position, but needed to step up in the Spring and firmly grab hold and he for the most part did just that. Reining in his accuracy and holding off the only other scholarship quarterback on the roster. Unless incoming freshman Tyler Bruggman comes in during Fall camp and immediately blows everyone away, expect Halliday to be the Cougars' starter in 2013.

Oregon State

Projected depth

  1. Sean Mannion 2. Cody Vaz

This is the toughest of all of the competitions and it doesn't look like it is going to be over until at least Fall and may linger throughout the season. Both Mannion and Vaz were strong in Spring practice and have their difference strengths while holding solid experience. I will give Mannion the slightest of edges though since he is an underclassman who has bigger long term potential due to his physical tools. I just feel like he is the guy that they would prefer to start and Vaz will have to go above and beyond to firmly grab hold.


Projected depth

  1. Zach Kline 2. Jared Goff 3. Autin Hinder

Cal's competition opened a little bit when senior Allan Bridgford transferred out as he started to fall behind in the competition, particularly to the freshman Kline who looks like he could become Sonny Dykes' quarterback of the future. He hasn't fully grabbed hold of the starting spot, but it looks like the former highly touted recruit will have the advantage over Goff and Hinder heading into Fall.


Projected depth

  1. Cody Kessler 2. Max Wittek 3. Max Browne

Another one that is far from over, but Kessler capped off a competitive Spring by having the best performance of any of the three in the spring game. This will keep going during Fall camp, but Kessler probably gained himself the lead with his strong performance to finish up Spring.


Projected depth

  1. B.J. Denker 2. Jesse Scroggins

Denker filled in for Matt Scott in 2012 when he was injured and played well, but the general consensus seemed to be that USC/JC transfer Scroggins would win the job come Spring with his superior athleticism, but that didn't appear to happen. Unfortunately for the Wildcats neither quarterback seemed to step up and appear that they could fill Scott's large shoes during the Spring, but of the two, the experienced Denker reportedly looked a little bit better and has the advantage going into Fall.


Projected depth

  1. Connor Wood 2. Shane Dillon

The competition got more interesting when 2012's most frequent starter Jordan Webb went down with a torn ACL at the end of Spring. Webb's injury opens up the door for the other three quarterbacks who were vying for the starting spot and unfortunately for the Buffs, none has a great track record. Wood played the best of any of the three during the Spring though and looks to have the inside track for the starting job in the opening game.