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Matt Barkley, Chip Kelly, & The Philadelphia Eagles: Will It Work?

Do you think Matt Barkley could fit in Chip Kelly's NFL offense and start for the Eagles as a rookie?

Stephen Dunn

David Piper, Addicted to Quack -- don't expect him to start as a rookie, but I expect him to be the starter in time, and to be a good fit for what Chip Kelly wants to do in the NFL. He's not going to run a spread option in the pros--you simply can't develop the depth to do it given NFL roster limitations. But, as I said in the earlier question, I think he'll run an offense that resembles New England's, and will be predicated on a quarterback who gets rid of the ball quickly and makes great decisions. Barkley has the potential to be this quarterback. To get a guy with his potential in the fourth round was a shrewd move by Philadelphia.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: Tough to really know yet, because we don't know exactly what Kelly's offense is going to be like in the NFL, but with that said, I don't think Kelly would have drafted him if he didn't fit. I think getting him in the fourth round was a huge score, but I'm just not completely sold on Barkley as a pro quarterback. He isn't very big and didn't win a single big game as a senior while tossing a lot of mind boggling interceptions in those games.

Gekko Mojo, UW Dawg Pound: Matt Barkley was drafted to be an asset for future deals not unlike Kirk Cousins, Matt Cassell or Kevin Kolb before him. I don't see him ever doing anything for Chip Kelly and the Eagles.