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ASU Football 2013 Betting Lines And Odds

The Arizona State Sun Devils are favored in some big contests in 2013.


Here are the early Pac-12 football lines that were released from the 2013 season, and today we look at the Arizona State Sun Devils.

27 point favorites vs. Colorado
15 point favorites at Washington State
5 point favorites vs. Arizona
5 point favorites vs. Washington
4.5 point favorites vs. Oregon State
pick 'em vs. Wisconsin
pick 'em vs. USC

Seems as if Arizona State is in good shape this year. They are favorites in almost every game they play, and some of them will take place against pretty good foes like Arizona, Washington, Oregon State and Wisconsin. It helps that they will play all of these games at home, as that could give them the final crucial edge they need to win a lot of these. There are still plenty of lines that have yet to be released on ASU's schedule.

Some games are not listed, like USC, at UCLA, at Stanford and at Notre Dame, and the Sun Devils are probably underdogs in several of those contests. But for the most part ASU seems to be in good shape to improve upon last year's mark.