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Pac-12 Networks Presents Timelines

The Stanford Cardinal (featured above) and the UCLA Bruins (featured below) will debut their shows tonight.

The Pac-12 continues to roll out more original content. First was the series Varsity Days, which will take us in the wayback machine so that we can see what PCC and Pac-8 football looked like through grainy stock footage, groovy jerseys, and an omniscient voice providing color to all the events.

All broadcasts take place this Thursday. Re-runs to air in a marathon on Tuesday, July 23rd from 6:30 PM - 12:00 AM PT across all seven networks

Stanford: 7 PM, Pac-12 Bay Area (seen above)
Think they won a Rose Bowl or something.

Cal: 7:30 PM, Pac-12 Bay Area

Cal golf had a memorable year.

USC: 7 PM, Pac-12 Los Angeles

Three NCAA titles!

UCLA: 7:30 PM, Pac-12 Los Angeles

A Pac-12 basketball championship, a Pac-12 South football championship, and I'm sure there will be some reference to being the best college baseball team too.

Washington: 7 PM, Pac-12 Washington

It was a good year for soccer in the Pacific Northwest.

Washington State: 7:30 PM, Pac-12 Washington

There was an Apple Cup to win!

Arizona: 7 PM, Pac-12 Arizona

Rich Rod's offense kicked off in full force.

Arizona State: 7:30 PM, Pac-12 Arizona

Jahii Carson had a solid freshman campaign.

Oregon: 7 PM, Pac-12 Oregon

Ducks can score a lot score a lot.

Oregon State: 7:30 PM, Pac-12 Oregon

A great year for Beaver gymnastics.

Colorado: 7 PM, Pac-12 Mountain

The Buffs made it to another NCAA tournament.

Utah: 7:30 PM, Pac-12 Mountain

The Utes scored some nice upsets on the hardwood.