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Breaking Down the Pac-12 Quarterback Controversies

Some of the Pac-12 starting quarterback positions still aren't decided.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into spring practices, more than half of the Pac-12's teams were uncertain as to who would be their starting quarterback, and now with just a few days before the season, a few have still have yet to name an official starter. I can't remember a season where there was ever this much competition at quarterback this close to the first games of the season, and I think we might not know some of the official starters until after the coin flip of the games.

Some of the controversies are more heated than others though, and leading up to the first games, here are the yet-to-be-resolved situations based on intensity and interest.

1. USC - Cody Kessler and Max Wittek

Oregon and Stanford may have taken USC's spot atop the Pac-12, but I would still stay that starting quarterback at USC is the conference's marquee position and Kessler and Wittek are neck-and-neck for the designation right now - officially listed as co-starters for their opener against Hawaii on Thursday. I imagine that Kiffin hates that idea and term as much as I do, so I'm betting he hopes that one of the two can establish themselves as being better in the opening game.

2. Oregon State - Sean Mannion and Cody Vaz

Another battle that looks like it might be headed towards the dreaded co-starter designation, at least for their opener against Eastern Washington. The good news is that both are proven, solid options, and like USC, the Beavers will have a potentially comfortable first game to do some in-game analysis of the competition.

3. Arizona - B.J. Denker, Jesse Scroggins, Nick Isham, Anu Solomon

This one is still maybe the most muddled of any of the battles, but it has started to sound like that Denker might be the guy, but that it isn't completely over yet. I have a bad feeling though that Rodriguez isn't thrilled with Denker, but no one else has been able to supplant him, and the Wildcat offense is going to take a step back without Matt Scott at the helm.

4. Colorado - Connor Wood

Wood was officially announced as the starter for the Buffs' opener against Colorado State, beating out a handful of players, but he'll have to prove that he can be effective on the field before the competition is completely over as true freshman Sefo Liufau impressed enough to win the back-up job and probably skip a redshirt.

5. Washington State - Connor Halliday, Austin Apodaca

Mike Leach hasn't officially designated a starter, but all signs point to Halliday getting the job. Maybe Leach just wants to make sure that Halliday knows his job isn't set in stone, but I would be shocked if he wasn't the starter when the Cougars take the field at Auburn.

6. Jared Goff

True freshman Goff was recently named the official starter, but keep a close eye on this one early in the season if he flounders at all.