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Pacific Waves podcast episode 1: One last preview of the 2013 Pac-12 football season

Jack Follman and Avinash Kunnath kick off the Pacific Waves Podcast.

Thearon W. Henderson

It's been a long time in the making, but we are launching a podcast - Pacific Waves.

Coming to you each week during the Pac-12 football and basketball seasons, Avinash Kunnath and I will be talking Pac-12 sports and welcoming regularly guests from all around the spectrum of the Pac-12 and SBNation. Then, if all goes well, we will soon be bathing in advertising money and having a never-ending feud with DirecTV.

In our first episode, we go into a little last bit of forecasting about 2013 and reflecting on the off-season just hours before the kickoff of the first Pac-12 game of 2013 highlighted by our official picks for who will actually win the conference when it is all said and done.

These first episodes will be a bit of a test run, so bear with us (Bear Down if you are an Arizona fan) while we get it together.