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Arizona State vs. Wisconsin ending: WTF

What do you make of the crazy Wisconsin-Arizona State ending?

Christian Petersen

Phil Fraser, Ralphie Report: I didn't see it and only vaguely understand it, so basically I'm on the same level as Pac 12 officials. That is my joke and I'm sticking with it.

Sean Reynolds, Block U: I was at the Utah-Oregon State debacle, so, I'm only going by what I saw. It looks like the refs bungled it, but then Wisconsin didn't look very aware on that play anyhow, so, who knows.

Jason Bartel, AZ Desert Swarm: I have sort of a good story about this one. We were sitting in the postgame interview room at Arizona Stadium watching it on one of the guy's iPad waiting for players to come in after RichRod's presser was over. It's pretty unbelievable that it happened, but it's PAC-12 refs, so anything's possible. Obviously I think Wisconsin got robbed of a chance to kick a game-winning field goal. How does ASU not get called for a delay of game, or how do the refs not at least stop the clock when they couldn't spot the ball? Good win for the conference, but not the way you want to do it.

Josh Schlichter, Pacific Takes: I think the strangest part of the whole situation was actually how Wisconsin kneeled the ball. If the quarterback actually slid or physically kneeled the ball, the defense would probably never have the chance to lay on top of the ball, nor would it be warranted for them to do so. While the refs handled it poorly, I think Wisconsin was also somewhat responsible for what happened. Wow, hindsight really is 20/20, right?

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: Oh boy, the officials should have stopped everything at the point Stave set the ball down, with like 15 seconds, and figured it all out. It was a really strange play, and a kind of spastic move by Stave, and in the heat of the moment, I can totally see why Arizona State jump on the ball but, from what I have heard about the rules, Wisconsin would have had time to get another, spike the ball and kick the field goal. Pac-12 refs (shakes head)

Anthony Cassino, UW Dawg Pound: I think that they should have just lined up and kicked the ball. I don't know how much value centering the ball actually has, or if it's worth the risk you're taking by running the play to set it up. Then, when Stave kneeled, he should have given the ball to the ref rather than centering it himself. I can't blame the ASU player for covering the ball, because that's exactly what they should have done since the possession was something of a question. The refs handled it poorly, but ultimately Wisconsin has nobody to blame but themselves.