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Pacific Takes Pac-12 Power Rankings 9/19: Trojans Pick Themselves Back Up

The only Pac-12 Power Rankings based on voting by Pac-12 fans.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


1. Oregon (Last Week #1)

The Ducks solidified themselves in the top spot by demolishing Tennessee, with only two voters not placing them at the top in the North.

2. Stanford (Last Week #2)

The Cardinal haven't been overly impressive so far, but they kind of looked that way last year too. They will hold onto this spot until they either beat Oregon or lose to someone based on their reputation.

3. Washington (Last Week #3)

The Huskies continued to carve themselves a comfortable rut behind the elite teams above them and ahead of the promising, but still unpredictable teams below them.

4. Washington State (Last Week #4)

The Cougs are earning respect amongst Pac-12 fans and if they can handle Idaho on Saturday, they will have won just as many games overall, and just as many in the Pac-12 as they did all of 2012.

5. Oregon State (Last Week #6)

The Beavers get the edge over the Bears this week in the battle of the teams that can throw the ball up and down the field, but can't stop anybody. Their win at Utah was huge for the Beavers to prove that they are ready for Pac-12 play.

6. Cal (Last Week #5)

The Bears have to be glad to finally be out of their non-conference schedule that was the toughest in the conference, and the fact that they have a 1-2 record because of that is what put them in the North cellar.


1. UCLA (Last Week #1)

Some questioned the fact that Bruins were not only the top team in the South in our rankings, but were almost unanimous. Their dominating comeback at Nebraska, should put that to bed for a while.

2. Arizona State (Last Week #2)

It may be very questionable, but the Sun Devils' win over ranked Wisconsin solidifies their spot as the second strongest team in the South.

3. Arizona (Last Week #3)

The Wildcats are kind of here by default. They are 3-0, but they haven't really proved anything.

4. USC (Last Week #6)

The Trojans kind of unjustifiably were last here last week, but that was probably a little harsh and their blowout of Boston College earned them some respect back.

5. Utah (Last Week #4)

The Utes really needed to beat a struggling Oregon State team at home to prove that they are in-fact improving, but they failed, and opened the door for USC to jump up.

6. Colorado (Last Week #5)

The Buffs would have had a chance to gain some real respect if they could have beaten Fresno State in Boulder last week, but they'll now have to wait until Pac-12 play to do that.